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Hugh Jackman thought of quitting X-Men

Hugh Jackman thought of quitting X-MenLondon, Apr 29 : Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman contemplated quitting X-Men franchise after the third movie, because he felt his character `Wolverine' had gone "too soft" and was lacking the much-hyped rage.

The Oz hunk thought of stepping down after he thought his character was not developing the way it was meant to.

"One thing I never felt we got with Wolverine that I really wanted to get is that berserker rage which is talked about in the comic books," The Daily Express quoted Hugh, as saying.

Gene variant for autism discovered

Gene variant for autism discoveredLondon, Apr 29 : In the world''s largest DNA scan for autism, US scientists have uncovered a new gene variant, called CDH10, which is highly common in children suffering from the disorder.

In partnership with 30 research institutions across the US, scientists scrutinized the activity of CDH10 and found that it is most active in key regions that support language, speech and interpreting social behaviour.

The two findings suggest that CDH10 plays a critical role in shaping the developing brain and may contribute to a prenatal risk of autism.

An aspirin a day can cut cancer risk in over 40s

An aspirin a day can cut cancer risk in over 40sLondon, Apr 29 : A daily dose of aspirin in your 40s could cut the risk of developing cancer later in life, a new study claims.

A study published in the Lancet Oncology suggests taking aspirin at any age before cancer begins to develop - and for at least ten years - would maximise the drug''s potential to prevent the fatal disease.

Researchers believe the drug blocks the effects of the COX enzymes - proteins involved in inflammation and found at unusually high levels in several types of cancer, reports The Daily Express.

Woody Allen wins early round in ad case

Woody Allen wins early round in ad caseLondon, Apr 29 : Filmmaker Woody Allen has won the latest round of his bitter legal battle against clothing firm American Apparel after the judge ruled that he doesn't have to prove the company''s advertisements are "sleazy".

The 73-year-old director had sued the clothing giants for 6.9 million pounds last year, and claimed they used his likeness on billboards without his consent.

He also branded them "sexually gross, in a witless and infantile way".

Cleaner Lotus Elise and Exige

Hethel, England - The British sports car maker Lotus has cut fuel consumption and emission figures for the 2010 Exige and Elise models by about 9 per cent.

Bangladesh charges British charity chief with financing terrorism

Bangladesh charges British charity chief with financing terrorism Dhaka - Investigators Tuesday formally charged the head of a British charity and 10 Bangladeshi agents with financing terrorism in the guise of operating a religious school in Bangladesh. A court in southern Bhola district accepted the report on last month's cache of arms recovered from a madrassa (religious school) and orphanage run by the Green Crescent charity, accusing its voluntary organisation head Faisal Mostafa and his 10 Bangladeshi associates.