Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

TopNews articles and features are selected by our editors. All the content posted on the website is checked by sub editors of the particular sectors under which the individual articles fall.

Quality of Content

Topnews Editors and reporters rely on a variety of resources as well as the knowledge and skills of others to ensure high quality content on our website. TopNews reporters interview various technical analysts regarding their view on specific sectors and stocks.


We ensure that the content posted on our website is accurate and based on the facts. Any improvements / corrections to the content are done promptly. You can always contact us via email if you want to suggest any corrections.

Election Reporting

TopNews aims to provide un-biased news and reports on Indian and US Elections. The opinions page in Election Section under Indian Political News and US News publishes news and articles by both regular columnists and guest contributors. TopNews is not affiliated with any political party. We report news with no bias. In case of opinions, it is clearly mentioned at the end of the story.

We do not have any affiliation with any party or candidate.

Email Policy

TopNews has over 45000 registered members. Our website has not sent even a single advertising email to any of our members so far. Right now, we are not offering any newsletter.

Note: Modifications to Editorial Policy were made on 22, December, 2022. New information added regarding Election Section as we are reporting on major elections. TopNews website was launched in February 2007 and all the stories are available on our website. We don't archive old stories. Our first story can be read here.