Bentley’s first all-electric car with big battery to come in 2025

Bentley’s first all-electric car with big battery to come in 2025

Bentley Motors Limited, a British manufacturer of luxury cars and SUVs, has announced that it is working on its first all-electric car that should enter the market sometime in 2025.

Without revealing much about its first all-electric car, the Crewe, England-headquartered manufacturer said that the upcoming EV will have all the usual traits of luxury, exclusivity, performance and style for which the brand is renowned worldwide. In addition to all those luxury features, the EV will have a unique trait -- unmatched range.

It remains unclear what body style the EV will adapt, or whether it will be an electric crossover or a sedan. Some unconfirmed reports suggest that it may actually come as a tall sedan or a raised fastback design, if not as a full-size SUV.

People familiar with the project claim that Bentley Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Adrian Hallmark told them that 85 per cent of work on the outer and 95 per cent of the interior design of the EV has already completed. Taking full advantage of not having a huge internal combustion engine (ICE) under the hood, the luxury brand will likely try to create a frunk to provide EV with more cargo space. Anyway, it will mark Bentley’s departure from its traditional design proportions.

Confirming that the upcoming EV will look quite different from the rest of the Bentley range, CEO Hallmark said that they were trying to bring a game-changer to the market, and not just an electric version of what they are already offering.

Speaking on the topic, CEO Hallmark said, “It’s an incremental product, so it will exist alongside our current cars. We’re trying to shape a segment and game-changer, not just an electric version of what we already have. It will be more progressive than some of our current designs.”

The top executive further said that the new EV will not be radical, but it would signal that the luxury brand will enter a new era. He also suggested that the company could launch a pocket-friendly EV too sometime in the future.

Most probably, Bentley won’t give up on the sweeping design and long hood that it is renowned for. However, the brand may compromise on it slightly to ensure enhanced practicality and space. Aside from the aforementioned massive battery and unparalleled range, the brand may introduce some sort of hands-free charging.

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