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Russell Crowe urges middle-aged Hollywood actresses to `grow old gracefully`

Russell CroweLondon, Dec 25 : Russell Crowe has asked all the middle- age d Hollywood actresses that they need to learn how to accept that they are no longer young.

The ' Gladiator' star said that there are loads of roles in Hollywood for women over 40 but believes that they only want to be cast as the young leading lady, the Daily Express reported.

He said that he thinks the woman who is saying the roles have dried up is the woman who at 40, 45, 48, still wants to play the ingenue and can't understand why she's not being cast as the 21-year-old.

Crowe comments were purportedly in response to actresses who complain about the movie industry discriminating against older women. (ANI)

Nicole Scherzinger blames Bulimia for rift with former bandmates

Nicole ScherzingerLondon, Dec 25 : Nicole Scherzinger has recently admitted that it was her eating disorder that made her distant from her Pussy Cat Dolls' bandmates.

The American recording artist had apologized to her former bandmates Carmit Bachar, Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta, Melody Thornton and Kimberly Wyatt, as she feels that her Bulimia caused distance between them, the Mirror reported.

The 'Boomerang' star said that she never opened up to her bandmates to talk about her problems and would use to push them away from her, as she was battling this horrible secret illness, Bulimia.

Ronaldo voted world's No. 1 footballer by elite panel of 73 judges

Cristiano RonaldoLondon, Dec 25 : Portugal football team captain Cristiano Ronaldo has been voted as the number one footballer in the world overtaking Argentina skipper Lionel Messi for the top spot.

The Guardian reportedly revealed it's top 100 footballers' list in the world 2014 in its entirety and the battle for the top spot was once again between Ronaldo and Messi.

It turned in Ronaldo's favour as 74 percent of 73 judges drawn from 28 countries, which included Hernan Crespo, Didi Hamann, Slaven Bilic and Gilberto Silva among the expert panel, voted for the Real Madrid star.

NEC supports smart city scalability with first live deployment of the new one M2M standard

NECMadrid/London, Dec.25 - The NEC Corporation, a leading network, communications and information technology company, recently announced that it is the first company to test the new global oneM2M service layer standard in its Cloud City Operation Center (CCOC) solution to enable machine-to-machine device interoperability in a live smart city program.

Around the world, cities are beginning to deploy a diversity of M2M sensors to improve the efficiency of transport, lighting, irrigation and waste collection services and boost public safety levels by minimizing pollution and waste.

Rock ants lean left when exploring new spaces: Study

Temnothorax AntsLondon: Rock ants instinctively go left when entering unknown spaces, a new study has found.

Researchers from the University of Bristol, UK, found that Temnothorax albipennis ants were significantly more likely to turn left than right when exploring new nests.

Such left bias was also present when the ants were put in branching mazes, researchers found.

"The ants may be using their left eye to detect predators and their right to navigate. Also, their world is maze-like and consistently turning one way is a very good strategy to search and exit mazes," said PhD student Edmund Hunt who conducted the study.

Scientists develop technique to understand how human brain works

human brain worksSouthampton (United Kingdom), Dec 23 : Scientists from the University of Southampton have developed a new technique to mark individual brain cells to help improve our understanding of how the brain works.

The new marking technique, known as multicolour RGB tracking, allows single cells to be encoded with a heritable colour mark generated by a random combination of the three basic colours (red, green and blue).

Marchionne warns Ferrari 2015 season will be 'difficult'

Sergio MarchionneLondon, Dec 23 : Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne has said that 2015 formula one season would be another testing year for the team after enduring a disappointing season in the previous edition.

Earlier this month, Maurizio Arrivabene succeeded Marco Mattiacci as new team principal.

The Fiat Chrysler chief executive, who took the charge as chairman of the team in October, said that 2015 would be a difficult year that would put the team to a real test, adding that it would be Maurizio's first full year with the team, the BBC reported.

In addition, four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel has replaced Fernando Alonso as the new team driver for the upcoming season.

JK Rowling reveals 'twisted sad story' of Draco Malfoy in new Christmas riddle

London, Dec 23 - JK Rowling has recently published her new riddle that leads to the "twisted sad story" of Draco Malfoy.

The Harry Potter author had written 12 brand new stories, and the latest one would be her longest Harry Potter Christmas story yet, the Mirror reported.

The novelist included the new riddle that reads as "death Eaters gather on the Astronomy Tower, keen to rid Dumbledore of his life and power, but which student masterminded this plot with precision, in order to fulfill the Dark Lord's terrible mission."

Milky Way's new tiny, isolated dwarf neighbour galaxy found

London, Dec 23 - Astronomers have recently spotted a new neighbor for Milky Way galaxy, a tiny and isolated dwarf galaxy almost 7 million light years away

The team, led by Prof Igor Karachentsev of the Special Astrophysical Observatory in Karachai-Cherkessia, Russia, found the new galaxy, named KKs3 , using the Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) in August 2014. Kks3 was located in the southern sky in the direction of the constellation of Hydrus and its stars have only one ten-thousandth of the mass of the Milky Way.

Ringo Starr, Paul Mc Cartney lead heartfelt tributes to singer Joe Cocker

London, Dec 23 - Ringo Starr and Paul Mc Cartney have paid tributes to iconic singer Joe Cocker , who recently passed away after battling lung cancer at the age of 70.

The Beatles drummer took to Twitter bidding farewell to the singer, saying that he wishes God blesses Cocker, the Mirror reported.

McCartney remembered his "good mate" in a long tribute, adding that he knew him through the years as a good mate and he was so sad to hear that he had been ill and was really sad to hear that he had passed away.

He added that Cocker was a great guy, a lovely guy who brought so much to the world and they will all miss him.

Paul McCartney to write a song on Eric Garner protest

London - Former Beatles star Paul McCartney said he once attempted to write a song about Eric Garner protests.

McCartney, 72, said however his attempts have not gone as planned and he is not giving up on creating a protest anthem, reported Contactmusic.

"I was thinking recently about all these protests in New York and around the country. I thought it would be great to put something down about that, just to add my voice to the thousands of people walking in the streets.

"I'm not giving up on it, but it didn't come easily, whereas some other emotions might come easily to me," said McCartney.

Plan to protect Earth from rogue asteroids with nuclear weapons

Plan to protect Earth from rogue asteroids with nuclear weaponsLondon, Dec. 22 - Plans are being mapped out to protect Earth from rogue asteroids with nuclear weapons, it has been reported.

In documents developed by Los Alamos atomic weapons centre in New Mexico, nuclear missiles are cited as Earth's only defence against the growing threat of meteors and asteroids, the Daily Express reported.

Experts said that further research was required in order to determine the best method to destroy or deflect them.

Elton John finally marries long-time partner David Furnish

London, Dec 22 - Sir Elton John has finally tied the knot with his long- time gay partner David Furnish at a ceremony at their Windsor estate in Berkshire, England.

The 67-year-old singer shared photographs on his Instagram account with a caption "It's beginning!! The Registrar welcomes our guests. #ShareTheLove", the BBC reported.

David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, musician Ed Sheeran, actor David Walliams, Burberry chief executive Christopher Bailey and comedian Jimmy Carry were among the guests at the wedding.

John and Furnish, who have two sons, became civil partners in 2005 and decided to tie the knot after gay marriage became legal in England.

All-rounder Jason Holder named West Indies ODI skipper

London, Dec 21 - Barbados all-rounder Jason Holder has been appointed as new West Indies one-day international captain, succeeding Dwayne Bravo who has been dropped after his high-profile role in October's India tour fiasco.

Chairman of selectors Clive Lloyd said that he had a very good cricketing brain and the makings of a very good leader, adding that Jason would help people around him to guide them, the BBC reported.

Holder, who has won 21 ODI caps since making his debut in 2013, will captain the team in the upcoming five-match ODI series against South Africa, scheduled to begin on 16 January.

Rihanna's dad thrown out of her charity ball for drunkenness

RihannaLondon, Dec 20 : Rihanna's dad has admitted that he was thrown out of her Diamond Ball, which was held in aid of his daughter's Clara-Lionel Foundation charity, for drunkenness.

Ronald Fenty explained that he had Johnny Walker Black and two doubles man and tripped over a chair, the Mirror reported.

Fenty added that when he was on the red carpet for the pictures, he met a couple of famous people he knew and talked with them, and then somebody left a chair and he stepped back and fell over.

How 'Star Wars' almost ruined Natalie Portman's career

Natalie PortmanLondon, Dec 19 : Natalie Portman has blamed the ' Star Wars' prequel trilogy for nearly ruining her career.

The 33-year-old actress, who starred as Luke and Leia Skywalker's ill-fated mother Queen Padme Amidala in George Lucas' movies, said that everyone thought she was a "horrible" actress, the Independent reported.

The 'Black Swan' star added that she was in the biggest-grossing movie of the decade, but no director wanted to work with her.

I would love to get pregnant again, says Imogen Thomas

Imogen ThomasLondon, Dec 19 : Imogen Thomas has recently admitted that she would love to get pregnant again with her boyfriend Adam Horsley.

The reality star, said in an event that she didn't care that she was not yet married with Horsley as she knows that it will happen some day, the Mirror reported.

The 32-year-old actress asserted that she loved the idea of having her babies around when the couple will tie the knot.

Thomas also mentioned that her Australian boyfriend had not proposed her for the marriage yet. (ANI)

Opponents threaten to block implementation of Obama's new Cuba policy

'Barack Obama'London, Dec 19 - Opponents of United States President Barack Obama's new Cuba policy, which aims at normalizing ties with Cuba and ending the five decade-long political standoff, have threatened to block his efforts to renew diplomatic relations with the state.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio warned that he would block the nomination of any U. S. ambassador to Cuba. Other anti-Cuba legislators also said that the Congress would block funding for any "normalized ties" with the country, reported the BBC.

An embargo instated on Cuba in the early 1960s had frozen Washington's relations with Havana, a policy which Obama dubbed as "a failure."

Kendall Jenner has always 'idolized' 'hot' Chris Brown

Kendall JennerLondon, Dec 18 : Kendall Jenner has always thought Chris Brown was hot for years and has always idolized him, it has been revealed.

A source said that the 19-year-old model conveniently latches on to whomever can make her more famous and she is game for anything that will get her the most exposure, the Mirror reported.

The source continued that the 25-year-old rapper looks at Jenner like a little girl but she does everything to make herself appear to be a woman.

The insider added that Jenner tells her sisters that she is not hooking up with Brown, but no one would ever be okay with the rapper dating their little sister. (ANI)

Orlando Bloom wants to have an `impact` on son Flynn`s life

Orlando BloomLondon, Dec 18 : Orlando Bloom has revealed that he wants to have an "impact" on his son Flynn's life.

Speaking on fatherhood, the actor said that the most important thing is to nurture, respect, and grow that relationship, the Mirror reported.

Bloom also added that he still has a great relationship with his mum model Miranda Kerr and they are very lucky that they're great coparents. (ANI)

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