Health Update

Coffee rage reaching epidemic proportions in United Kingdom

Cup of Coffee
London, Sept 3 : If you're feeling angry, irritable and aggressive, and suffering from a bad headache to boot, the chance is that you are experiencing a new malady - coffee rage.

Coffee's main active ingredient caffeine may help you get awake in the morning, but a new study has found that one in 20 people have an intolerance to it.

Tri-weekly exercise sessions not enough to keep fit

Body Fitness
Sydney, Sept. 3 : A new report by consumer group Choice dismisses effectiveness of tri-weekly exercise sessions, stretching before training to warm muscles and reduce injury, and "no pain, no gain" mantra as mere misconceptions.

The group says that these are nothing more than common exercising myths propagated by eager fitness instructors or lax health groups, who have not got all the facts.

Stem cells can help heart patients 'grow their own' heart valves

London, Sept 3 : British surgeons have created a groundbreaking treatment that will help create heart tissue from stem cells from the patient's body.

The treatment will help cadiac patients 'grow their own' heart valves and have them transplanted by surgeons.

Study confirms that the more you work, the less you sleep

London, Sept 3 : The time you spend working is the single most important factor that has an impact on your sleep, reveals a new study.

The study, by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, was carried out on nearly 50,000 US participants.

The participants were questioned on three different occasions - in 2003, 2004 and 2005 - and asked how they spent their time between 4am the previous day and 4am that day.

Diabetes drug shows promise to save millions of lives

Diabetes DrugsLondon, Sept. 3 : A drug that lowers blood pressure among diabetics may provide a significant means to save tens of thousands of lives, say UK scientists.

A five-year study conducted by them has shown that using Coversyl Plus-a combination of medication like ACE inhibitor and diuretic drugs, which are currently offered only to patients with high blood pressure-reduces the risk of death from heart-related problems and kidney failure by 18 per cent.

Faster, safer formula to prescribe blood thinners developed

Research on Blood Thinners
Washington, Sept 3 : Researchers have developed an improved dosing formula that can make the process of prescribing blood thinners faster and safer.

The formula called anticoagulant warfarin has been developed for doctors to estimate the appropriate dose for patients.