Health Update

The first kiss is key to winning a woman

My First Kiss

Surgeries to Shape Labia, Restore Hymen, Tighten Vagina are Unsafe – ACOG

FDA statement on Merck’s AIDS Drug, Isentress

Chronic Systemic Inflammatory Syndrome Should Come Under COPD – A Viewpoint

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
A Viewpoint in The Lancet, special COPD edition has articulated that COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is no longer only a disease of lungs.

AIIMS-Issued MBBS Degrees Are Legal - High Court

All India Institute of Medical Sciences
New Delhi: The Delhi High Court yesterday said that the MBBS degrees handed out recently by AIIMS management would be legal regardless of the fact that they did not include the obligatory signatures of the institution’s president and dean.

Fifteen Minutes Of Hypnosis Session Alleviates Breast Cancer Surgery Pain - Study

Chicago: According to U.S. scientists, women who had hypnosis before breast cancer operation wanted less anesthesia, and experienced less fallouts as compared to those who got counseling as a substitute.

Guy Monygomery of Mount Sinai School of Medicine on New York stated, “This is a randomized clinical trial of 200 patients that really showed beneficial effects for patients. It really works well.”