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This protein can be universal therapeutic target for treating deadly diseases

Protein GRP78Washington, Dec 30 : A new study has recently revealed that a protein, called GRP78, could be a universal therapeutic target for treating deadly diseases like brain cancer, Ebola, Influenza, Hepatitis and superbug bacteria such as MRSE and MRSA.

By using a drug combination of the clinically tested OSU-03012 (AR-12) and FDA approved Phosphodiesterase 5 Inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis) to target GRP78 and related proteins, researchers prevented the replication of a variety of major viruses in infected cells, made antibiotic-resistant bacteria vulnerable to common antibiotics and found evidence that brain cancer stem cells were killed.

Amitabh Bachchan plans to start campaign for Hepatitis B

Mumbai - Megastar Amitabh Bachchan is planning to start a new campaign for infectious disease caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV).

The 72-year-old actor, who is also a UNICEF Global Ambassador for polio eradication, met doctors recently to strategies the plan.

"Wish to start a campaign on awareness of Hepatitis B... Met some committed doctors and shall strategise... Detect and cured asap!," Bachchan posted on Twitter.

Apart from his social works, Bachchan is also excited to release the first song of his upcoming release 'Shamitabh' after unveiling the film's first audio poster.

Ebola vaccine's Swiss trials put on hold post volunteers suffering joint pains

Ebola vaccineLondon, Dec 12 : Scientists have decided to halt the Swiss trials of Ebola vaccine from NewLink and Merck.

According to the Independent, the global vaccines alliance had committing up to 191m pounds to buy Ebola vaccines, as there was a hitch in one of the experimental treatment in a Swiss clinical trial, where some subjects reported joint pains.

The alliance, GAVI, which is being funded by governments and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, said that they were set to begin procurement as soon as the World Health Organisation ( WHO ) recommended a vaccine for use.

New 'game changing' broccoli pill that fights fights cancer

Broccoli PillsLondon, Dec 5 : Scientists have developed a new pill from broccoli that can fight cancer, by reducing the chance of it striking, slowing its growth and halting its spread.

Dr Stephen Franklin, chief executive of drug company Evgen, said that a wealth of academic research has identified the anti-cancer and neuroprotective properties of sulforaphane, a naturally occurring but highly unstable compound found in broccoli and other vegetables, the Daily Express reported.

Toxic chemical linked to leukemia found in 'hookah smoke'

hookah smokingWashington, Nov 24 : A new study has found that hookah smoke contains toxic benzene, which has been previously linked to an increased risk for leukemia.

Nada Kassem, associate director of the Center for Behavioral Epidemiology and Community Health at San Diego State University, said that in contrast to what has been believed hookah tobacco smoking was not a safe substitute to smoking other forms of tobacco, CBS News reported.

Researchers analyzed levels of S-phenylmercapturic acid (SPMA), a metabolite (byproduct) of benzene, in the urine of 105 hookah smokers and 103 nonsmokers exposed to smoke from the water pipes.

China launches erectile dysfunction drug less than half the price of Viagra

erectile dysfunction drugBeijing, Nov 01 : A Chinese brand has launched a new drug that will help erectile dysfunction, which is about 60-percent cheaper for every tablet than sildenafil-based foreign products.

Guangzhou Baiyuanshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Co has officially launched China's first sildenafil-based medicine for erectile dysfunction, named 'Jin'ge,' which literally translates as "golden spear," the China Daily reported.

It was a generic drug similar to the US-based company Pfizer's Viagra, whose patent in China expired in May.

World's first healthy baby born to womb transplant woman

baby born to womb transplant womanWellington, Oct 4 : A 36 years old woman in Sweden gave birth to the world's first ever healthy baby after she received a womb transplant.

Dr Mats Brannstrom, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Gothenburg and colleagues had transplanted wombs into nine other women over the last two years as part of a study, but complications forced removal of two of the organs and there arose many other medical anomalies, Stuff. co. nz reported.

The baby boy was born prematurely but healthy last month, and mother and child are now at home and doing well.

Kerala-based AIMS achieves first successful pancreas transplant

pancreas-transplantKochi, Aug 30  : Kochi has acquired some fame in the wake of it recording the first combined instance of a pancreas kidney transplant.

This landmark surgery was successfully carried out at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) here.

This highly complex surgery was done on 35-year-old civil engineer S. Syed Yunus Shahi, who hails from Palakkad.

Syed's family is thankful to the family of a 38-year-old donor, who was declared brain dead.

Every village in Goa has HIV patient, says minister

Laxmikant-ParsekarPanaji: Goa does not have a single village unaffected with HIV, state Health Minister Laxmikant Parsekar said on Monday.

"There are 15,000 people affected with HIV, which means that one per cent of people in the state are affected with it. There is not a single village in the state which has no person affected with HIV," Parsekar told the Legislative Assembly here.

He was responding to a question tabled by BJP legislator Nilesh Cabral, about HIV cases in Goa.

Jenny McCarthy defends her stand on being pro-vaccines

Jenny McCarthy defends her stand on being pro-vaccinesThe Playboy model, Jenny MsCarthy is now trying hard to undo the ill-informed statements she made about her anti-vaccine viewpoint made earlier, however she does not seem to be getting any success at doing the same.

The host of the show “The View” is now stating that she didn’t say that she was anti-vaccine explaining that she is not changing her opinions now and it is not a new thought that has just struck her.

Obesity linked to carb breakdown gene

Obesity linked to carb breakdown geneScientists at King's College London and Imperial College London have stated that individuals with fewer duplicates of a gene coding for a carb-processing catalyst may be at higher danger of stoutness. The discoveries, distributed in Nature Genetics, recommend that dietary counsel may need to be more custom-made to a singular's digestive framework, in light of whether they have the hereditary inclination and vital proteins to process diverse sustenances.

NHS boss Simon Stevens will stay in London

NHS boss Simon Stevens will stay in LondonThe NHS's new supervisor arrangements to base himself in London, instead of the association's central command in Leeds, to provide for himself general access to priests and key national health forms.

Simon Stevens, who begins as CEO of NHS England on Tuesday, plans to invest more of a chance in the capital than his ancestor, Sir David Nicholson.

Female genital mutilation has laws clear

Female genital mutilation has laws clearThe worldwide crusade to annihilate Female genital Mutilation has been going on three decades and it is all adapted towards bringing issues to light about the destructive impacts the practice on innocent young girls and ladies.

In the Gambia in spite of every last one of meetings marked and approaches set up to secure ladies and young girls, the civil argument has been commanded by misguided judgments about FGM and Religion coming about to groups subjecting their youngsters to FGM.

TB recurrence risk increases with smoking

TB recurrence risk increases with smokingReports have stated that a study distributed on Monday gives basic new knowledge into the destructive connections between smoking tobacco and creating TB.

"More than at any time in the past, we see how tobacco damages individuals who have as of recently been effectively treated for TB," said Chung-Yeh Deng of National Yang-Ming University in Taipei and a creator of the study.

Doctors diagnosing ADHD in adults

Doctors diagnosing ADHD in adultsThere is a fine line between deducing the contrast between anxiety over-burden and attention disorder.

The point when Peter Coyne's six-year-old child was diagnosed with ADHD 12 years back, Coyne, 53, barely recognized what the issue was. So he chose to peruse up on it.

"Abruptly I thought, 'goodness my God,' this is the thing that I've had my whole life," says Coyne, an architect at an advertising firm. He flashed once more to his more youthful years in school. He never thought he was imbecilic, yet as classes dynamically obliged all the more perusing and consideration, he endured.

Drug-free compound can ease arthritis pain

arthritis-painLondon, Feb 22 : People suffering from arthritis can reduce pain by 90 percent with a drug-free compound derived from rose-hip, the fruit of the rose plant, new research indicates.

It has been found that rose-hip has the power to reduce the agony of osteoarthritis sufferers.

Human trials suggest a compound called GOPO, found in the rosa canina species of rose-hip, could provide a breakthrough for six million people whose lives are blighted by joint pain.

India completes three years without polio

India-Without-PolioNew Delhi, Feb 10 : India has completed three years without polio, a landmark achievement which would pave the way for a polio-free certification from the World Health Organisation (WHO), the health ministry Monday said.

The ministry said 40,000 reporting units, including health facilities, annually report 60,000 cases of paralysis to the polio surveillance network - National Polio Surveillance Project.

Each of these cases are followed up and 120,000 stool samples collected from the patients are tested annually in the eight WHO accredited laboratories, according to a release from the health ministry.

Vodka behind rise in deaths in Russian men: Study

russian-vodkaMoscow, Jan 31 : Russian adults who gulp down three bottles of vodka a week heighten their risk of death over the next 20 years, shows research.

Vodka is a major cause of the high risk of premature death in Russian men, said a team of Russian and British scientists.

In three Russian cities - Barnaul, Byisk and Tomsk - the researchers interviewed 200,000 adults for 10 years from 1999-2008 and followed them until 2010 for cause-specific mortality.

They asked them about drinking habits and health, and then looked to see who died and when.

Indian men smoking like never before

Indian-men-smokingNew York, Jan 8 : While the US is upbeat at reducing number of tobacco users, there has been an alarming growth in the number of daily smokers globally, including in India.

More people are smoking in India now, 110 million, compared to just 74.5 million smokers over three decades back, claimed a study published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA).

India, with 12.1 million women smokers in 2012, compared to just 5.3 million in 1980, had more women smoking than any other country except the US, it added.

Potential cure for rare eye disease developed

Potential cure for rare eye disease developedToronto, Dec 24 : Canadian scientists have developed a potential cure for a rare eye disease, aniridia, that severely limits the vision of human beings.

Scientists from the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute have formulated the drug "Ataluren" into eye drops and found that it consistently restored normal vision in mice with aniridia, a university press release said.

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