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Study identifies key player in immune response to chronic stress

Chronic Stress

Knee arthritis may be the first sign of lung cancer in heavy smokers

Lung Cancer
Washington, Sept 4 : A research has suggested that arthritis of the knee may be the first sign of a type of lung cancer, which is difficult to treat, in heavy smokers.

The researchers studied the case notes of all patients suffering form rheumatic disorders.

Between 2000 and 2005, of 6500 patients, 296 (4.4 pct) were cases of monoarthritis-inflammation in just one joint-of the knee.

Newly identified monoclonal antibodies may help make Hepatitis C vaccine

Hepatitis C Life-Cycle
Washington, Sept. 4 : Scientists from Nottingham University have discovered monoclonal antibodies that may help make a successful vaccine for Hepatitis C, the single biggest cause of people requiring a liver transplant.

Study finds link between aluminium in deodorants and breast cancer

London, Sept 3 : A new study has found a possible link between aluminium in deodorants and breast cancer.

The study observed that women, who have had mastectomies, carried high levels of the metal in their outer breasts.

Dr Chris Exley, who tested 17 patients at Wythenshaw Hospital, Manchester, said that all of them had the metal concentrate closest to their underarms

"They all had higher concentrations of aluminium in the breast tissue closest to the underarm," the Mirror quoted Dr Chris Exley, as saying.

Blood pressure drugs cut death rate in diabetes

Blood pressure drugs

Women's waistlines have grown by 7 inches in the last 50 years

Women's Waist

London, Sept 3 : Gone are the days when wasp waistlines like those of Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe were in fashion, for a new survey has revealed that over the past 50 years Brit women's waists have increased astonishing 7 inches.

Since 1951, the average waist size has grown by 6.8 inches to 34.4 inches.