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Fortis plans to invest 1200 Crore in Rajasthan

Fortis Healthcare has announced its plans to invest over Rs 1,200 crore in Rajasthan in the next 10 years.

Bali Restaurants drop Chicken and Duck from Menu List amid Bird Flu Scare

Bali Restaurant IndonesiaKuta (Indonesia): According to an official, some of Bali’s eating houses have taken chicken and duck off the food menu after two Indonesian women died out of bird flu in the last two weeks.

While Indonesia has reported 84 deaths from bird flu till this month. Now, functionaries fear that the two deaths from bird flu in Bali could hit tourism industry business.

HIV Testing Not Compulsory For Public Sector Job, Says Centre

HIV / AIDSThe Centre has told the Supreme Court that there is no requirement for a mandat

United States Slips In World Life Expectancy Grading

Washington: According to a media report, the US dropped off many industrialized countries in life expectancy standings, even though Americans are living longer than ever.

The report stated that forty one countries have overstepped the US that comprises not only Japan and several in Europe but also Jordan, Guam and the Cayman islands.

Soft Drinks are Fatal To Life - Report

Soft DrinksResearchers have proved that soft drink, diet drinks and regular drinks can affect y

HIV/AIDS Figures Down By 50% - Study

HIV/AIDSNew Delhi: The fresh figure of people infected with HIV/AIDS in the country is 2.47 million as compared to the preceding number of 5.2 million. The occurrence rate is also down to 0.36 per cent as against 0.9 per cent.

According to novel information for 2006, released on Friday, specify that the national adult HIV frequency is around 0.36 per cent that signifies an estimated 2 million to 3.1 million people living with HIV.