Samsung gets approval to sell Galaxy tabs in Australia

Samsung gets approval to sell Galaxy tabs in AustraliaSouth Korean electronics giant, Samsung has received an approval from the Austrian courts to start selling its new Galaxy tablets in the country after Apple’s appeal to block the sales of the company was not upheld.

Chief Justice Robert French in Australia said that Apple failed to persuade and thus it did not allow a hearing to the company. He reinstated an appeal court judgment and thus lifted a ban on the sale of Galaxy 10.1 tablets in the Australian market.

iPhone emerge top device for ‘mobile workers’

Apple iPhone Tops SalesApple’s iPhone smartphone, which is facing stiff competition from various Android as well as other devices globally, has emerged as the most preferred smartphone among mobile workers, according to a new report.

A mobile worker is defined as a worker who uses a mobile device including laptops, smartphones, cellphones and tablets for work related tasks, according to the new iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report.

Greggs launches new digital campaign to promote new range of doughnuts

GreggsGreggs has launched its first ever digital campaign aimed at prompting a new range of doughnuts featuring four new flavours.

The campaign and new launch will allow the company to compete better against US rivals Krispy Kreme. The company will also launch a social media campaign to assign a new personality to the each of eh four new flavors that include, cake, chocolate vanilla, strawberry milkshake and chocolate snowball.

Each doughnut will be introduced to UK market with individual promotional videos on YouTube. Customers are also allowed to vote for their favorite flavor on Facebook as well as Twitter.

AMD’s tablet processor plan leaked

AMDTurkish tech site Donanim Haber has reportedly leaked details about AMD's plans relating to the processor aimed at the tablet computer for the next year and a half.

The leaked plan details a follow up to the current Z-Series Fusion APU called Desna.

The new processor, to be called Hondo, will focus on tablet devices. Honda will feature more tablet friendly features and leave out some features meant for the PCs in order to streamline the set up.

The company might add an 'active stanby' mode, allowing the tablets to maintain connectivity and while reducing power consumption by about a third, according to the roadmap.

Karnataka and Other Cities Dive Into Hardware Business

KarnatakaThe IT company in Bangalore is releasing the ‘Electronic Hardware Policy 2011 and the Information and Communication Technology Policy’.

The industry is considering where they should explore their options in order to develop meaningful growth. The state has already contributed 30% of the country’s IT exports. The new policy will focus more on branding Bangalore and Karnataka. The Government has also planned to focus on software product development and find ways to fund institutes of higher learning.

India to Launch Low-Cost $35 Tablet 'Sakshat' This Month

India to Launch Low-Cost $35 Tablet 'Sakshat' This MonthA project supported by Indian government to design a low-cost tablet has been accomplished and the Smartphone will be unveiled by the end of this month. Government has recently announced that 10,000 Sakshat tablets will be delivered to IIT Rajasthan in late June and will be priced at Rs. 2,200 or $35. Also, more than 90,000 units of the Smartphones will be available in next four months at the same price.

The government has planned to subsidize the cost of these Smartphones for students by 50% and will be available for students for Rs. 1,100.

Kindle e-book reader surpasses printed book sales

American online retail giant, Amazon has claimed that it sold 105 Kindle e-books for every 100 printed copies since April 1.

“We had high hopes that this would happen eventually, but we never imagined it would happen this quickly—we’ve been selling print books for 15 years and Kindle books for less than four years,” said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.

He also claimed the Kindle is the largest selling e-book reader in the world even as Amazon does not announce its sale figures. The Kindle e-books are selling the rate of three times their rate during a comparable period in 2010. Amazon arrived at the number of 105 after excluding the free Kindle e-books.

The long-awaited iPad is available now in Bangalore without service provider confinement

iPadThe year-long wait for your iPad is over; Apple now launches iPad in India. As opposed to its launch in other countries, the 3G versions now comes with a no restriction to a single service provider exclusively in the Indian market.

The good news is that all the versions will be available unlocked enabling your iPad to work with the micro SIM provided by any cellular service providers. This additional expedience to the Indian market offered by Apple has been a positive tossup for the company.

Smartphone market grows in India

India over the years has emerged as a huge market for almost everything right from automobiles to mobile phones. The latest phenomenon in the Indian markets is the Smartphone as indicated by the sales numbers. The sales of these Smartphone have grown 3 times (July - September) of 2010 just about a year ago.

The numbers were even more heartening in the second quarter of 2010 where the sales have jumped by 34.2%. The latest survey by IDC has revealed these numbers which are quite evident of the fact that Indian consumers prefer the Smartphone more than any other.

The prices of Smartphones have dipped sharply and they are continuing to drop with the increase in competition.

BenQ Rolls Out Palm-sized Pocket Projector

Benq-GP1-Mini-ProjectorBenQ has pronounced the latest version of its PC-less, lamp-free GP1 Mini Projector in Indian markets. The projector, runs on 3LED technology, has USB video reader and weighs just 640 grams, making it the ultra-light device to be carried along.

The GP1 Mini supports 120% NTSC, 100 ANSI lumens that are backed by digital LED lighting, Wall Color Correction and comes with a default 2W speaker. Considered to be a many at once solutions provider, it comes in handy as a portable home projector easy to be carried around.

Video game uses life-like guns

Battle-TagThe recent game named as Battle Tag is offering guns for a much involved game play. The guns are loaded with sensors that aids in providing a life like experience to one and all.

Battle Tag that barely comes under the class of video games is more akin to "multimedia" board games like Nightmare since it's an Ubisoft release one has to admit the weight of it.

The game comes loaded with four guns and sensor packs used by players running around the real world shooting each other.

Mobile phones in-vogue for social networking

phonesAccording to a recent finding it was observed that mobile phones are most preferred gadgets for browsing social networking sites.

The mobiles phones are slowly becoming an upcoming device for communication as well as connectivity and more people are relying on the same for browsing the internet as well as connecting to the internet.

Social networking sites are slowly gaining popularity with respect to other sites in coherence with recent studies it was conducted that Facebook on 3G handsets by 5 million mobile users have shot up by 390 percent in the last one year.

Pulse app should be taken back: NYT

Pulse app should be taken back: NYTAn iPad app called Pulse, a visual RSS reader for news headlines is circulating in the news recently.

The app has been developed by a pair of Stanford grad students who even received special mention by Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote speech, but out of the blue the app was taken off the shelves, without any reason at that point.

Later the incident it was revealed by the New York Times reporter Brad Stone that the media group Times, has raised a finger on the Pulse app's usage.

A report on gadgets and multitasking

A report on gadgets and multitaskingThe technology bug has bitten has us to such deeper levels that we can't concentrate on one thing at a time.

It is often seen that one tends to check his email every five minutes or check for nay calls on his mobile phone the reason quoted being the technology aka, the gadgets and multitasking are drilling holes in the brain. They are restricting us to concentrate on a particular work.

As the NY Times reports, human brains are not wired for the amount of distractions that gadgets have bestowed us with. Too much of distractions of food or sex can affect the task ahead.

HDMI Docking station on Dell Streak

Dell-TabletMore surprises come with Dell's tablet. It appears that it will come with a docking station that apart from charging will aid in connecting to HDMI equipment.

The connector that has a mini-USB port and a Line out, according to the images rolled out from Laptop mag, a technology news site.

Presently, though accessories have been put on sale, but the docking station nowhere features in them.

According to the vendors of Streak who stated that the docking station would be an expensive product and the accessories offered will comprise of three chargers and a stereo handset.

O2 bestows in-contract upgrade for Dell Streak

Dell-StreakO2 will start selling the recent tablet from Dell- Streak from today and in addition to this it will proffer an in-contract upgrade on the smartphone, presumably on the smaller 16GB model, for as little as £299.

This news has been corroborated by the recent incident when a woman called up the O2 customer service asking to cancel her contract by reselling as she was not satisfied with her current handset. This was followed by a proposal for instant in-contract upgrade, instead of offering the normal fee. The upgrade offer is yet not cleared whether it applies to both 18 months and 24 months contracts.

Samsung with its two new notebooks, a netbook

Samsung with its two new notebooks, a netbookSamsung has added more to its shelf with one new netbook and two business-class notebooks. The NB30 Pro is the latest netbook, whereas P80 Premium and P30 Essential are the two new notebooks. To soon hit the stores these models will be available with all Samsung product retailers. The netbook, NB30 Pro has a 1.66GHz Intel Pineview runs on N450 processor, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 160GB HDD, HD Audio, 0.3 megapixel webcam, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and three USB 2.0 ports.

Asus Eeepad first images

Asus Eeepad first imagesAsus has unveiled its Eeepad at the Computex in Taiwan. The tablet device which was much awaited for long, has finally been rolled out. According to the trade experts it will stand tall against the likes of Dell Streak and may be Apple's iPad. The reports reveal that the Eeepad comes in two versions the 10-inched and a 12-inched version.

Bluetooth SIG monikers ZOMM as ‘one to watch’ service

ZommZOMM, a wireless technology that aids in keeping a track of mobile phones, has caught the attention of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

This feature of ZOMM has been named as 'One to Watch', because it utilizes the unique innovative Bluetooth technology which comes with a universal appeal.

ZOMM function is to sense how far it is from a wirelessly connected mobile phone, and thus makes the owner watchful by the aid of an audible alarm, in combination with vibration and a flashing light, if the phone is removed from its vicinity.

Acer Aspire Timeline 1825PT, a hybrid

Acer-aspire-1825PTAcer has unleashed the Aspire Timeline 1825PT, which is essentially a cross between a tablet and a netbook.

This supposed convention is being given due to the swivel screen. Swivelling the screen up converts it into open netbook, and folding the same makes it a tablet.

The 1825PT has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, with a 4GB of Ram, and an Intel GS45 Express graphics chipset that sports a resolution of 1366 x 768 HD display on 11.6 inch screen. Also a 250GB hard disk, a webcam, Wi-Fi, 3G and an HDMI port fills the rest of specs.

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