Asus to compete against Apple

Asus-ipadAsus is trying a hand to compete with Apple's latest tablet - iPad claiming its release with two versions of tablets.

Chairman of Asus, Jonney Shih in a conference publicised that the two tablets will be powered by the popular Android or Google Chrome whereas will have Microsoft Windows version.

Lots of guessing going around the naming of the device Asus claims that it will open grounds in close unison with Microsoft and Google.

Sony culls plans for Apple iPad rival

Sony culls plans for Apple iPad rivalSony might hint on releasing its new tablet device that could be a rival of iPad, but it is clueless if the device still has a market for it or not. The reports made by the senior VP for IT products, Mike Abary claims that the company has been experimenting on the present device, which have some interesting opportunities.

Clamcase converts iPad in to a netbook

Clamcase converts iPad in to a netbook Clamcase, the accessories manufacturer has made a new iPad case that converts the touchscreen device into a netbook by adding a keyboard to it. Considered to be one of the finest pieces of crafts made by Clamcase, it transforms itself into a stand or a digital photo frame like with a keyboard attached that converts it into a netbook.

Apple SIM-lock iPads for everyone

Apple SIM-lock iPads for everyoneApple has declared that it will SIMlock its iPad 3G for its local partner, Softbank Mobile which leaves us with surprise as to why this move has been taken. The SIMlocked version which initially was restricted to the premises of Japan, led the CEO of Apple affirm that the iPad 3G would be unrestricted and unlocked.

Asus latest netbook to feature a detachable phone

Asus latest netbook to feature a detachable phoneThe Taiwanese based maker of netbooks, Asus is developing a new notebook that utilizes a smartphone as a 3G dongle for connectivity. It seems that the Taiwanese maker is making headlines all way along as this netbook restricts the user to make use of specific range of models which are supposedly be lacking in features and may end up being priced uncompetitively, claims the manufacturer.

Apple CEO vents out his anger

Steve JobsCEO of one the most reputed firms, Apple, Steve Jobs has recently vented out his dismay due to iPad through an e-mail.

The event that sparked off was led by an e-mail from Gawker's editor Ryan Tate, in which Tate expressed his disbelief that Apple called the tablet device as a "revolution", and criticized other companies for banning the usage of Flash in the so called 'revolutionary' device and instantly marked a mail to the CEO.

Jobs stated that this promotion was in lieu of interest of its users who restricted the usage of programs that either, slowed down the device, drained its battery or promoted pornography.

Apple iPhone 4G to record HD content

A version of the earlier documentation that stated the release of iPhone 4G, with HD Ready support has got enough evidence to support the statement.

The iPhone is made ready to record content at 1280x720 pixels, which corresponds to HD-ready resolutions, confirms the reports from latest iPhone 4.0 OS Beta SDK Image Capture Framework.

According to the popular online forum Gizmodo’s spokesperson, Jason Chen who stated that iPhone 4G prototype comes with an increased resolution when compared to the earlier model which has 480x320 pixels.

Meanwhile the trade experts who state that the only smartphone in league to support a higher resolution, i.e. close to 854x480 pixels is the 4-inch screen Sony’s X10.

Joojoo 3G Tablet – exclusive tariff rates

JooJooFusion Garage's - Joojoo 3G tablet PC which is set for release in the coming months will seemingly be subsidized by mobile phone operators. A popular website found out the best offers available for the touchscreen netbook.

The first to fall in the queue was Guerilla MVNO GiffGaff, considered as one of the UK's largest mobile phone operator offers 100 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet at £10, the only condition being; one must buy the Joojoo 3G on its own.

Apple launches its 3G iPad

Apple launches its 3G iPadApple Inc. has launched its 3G iPad. It will provide the user with high-speed wireless access. The Apple iPad has been a great success all across the world. Apple has successfully launched the short-range of its Wi-Fi tablet earlier this month.

Now it has introduced its 3G version and it is expected to get the same response just iPad had received. Apple iPad has gained huge appreciation from the customers and it has been the latest sensation in the gadget market. People in US are also crazy to get the recent version of 3G as well.

Ban on Apple iPad lifted by Israel

Ban on Apple iPad lifted by IsraelSaying it will allow the device after testing showed it is compatible with the country's wireless networks, Israel has lifted a ban on Apple Inc.'s iPad.

Ynetnews reported on Sunday that the Israeli Communications Ministry had banned the tablet computer, saying it was incompatible with Israeli Wi-Fi standards, which are different from the American settings the iPad is configured for.

Ynetnews also said that customs officials confiscated about 20 units brought into the country from abroad.

Flaws in DHCP resulted in some iPad Wi-Fi problems

Flaws in DHCP resulted in some iPad Wi-Fi problemsA report states that flaws in DHCP (the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) resulted in some iPad's Wi-Fi problems. In order to facilitate the Wi-Fi connectivity, all the devices need to acquire an IP address from a DHCP server and these IP addresses come with an expiry date and generally majority of devices will try to renew their addresses in advance.

Oracle announces quarterly updates for Solaris

Oracle announces quarterly updates for SolarisOracle has decided to update its Solaris suite of products on quarterly basis. The products are expected to be moved onto Oracle's quarterly Critical Patch Update cycle.

By this update, the users of the Sun Microsystems products can now know in advance whether their systems need patching. Quarterly update can provide information of patches to its users a month early.

450,000 Apple iPad devices sold in just 5 days

450,000 Apple iPad devices sold in just 5 daysAround 450,000 Apple iPad devices were sold within the first five days of the sale. The Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Steve Jobs announced this during the Apple iPhone OS 4.0 launch event.

It means that after the launch of the device on Saturday, the company managed to sell around 150,000 devices in the following four days.

Earlier Jobs was quoted in the Wall Street Journal where he said that the latest iPad device will create a milestone in the world of gadgets. He said that it has the potential to change the experience of portable computing.

Apple iPad will take time to hit Indian market

Apple iPad will take time to hit Indian marketNew Delhi, April 4 - Craving to get your hands on the Apple iPad? Wait for a while as it will be still some time before it becomes available in the Indian market.

Experts also believe that the tablet will create a new user segment in India.

Professional line-sitter not to get the world's first iPad!

Professional line-sitter not to get the world's first iPad!New York, April 2: With the iPad mania reaching its peak just hours before Apple starts selling its game-changing tablet in the US Saturday morning, there was bad news for someone special who has been heading the waiting line outside Apple's Manhattan flagship since Tuesday to become the first person to get the gizmo.

Professional line-sitter Greg Packer, who was also the first American to get the iPhone at its launch in 2007, lost his front position in the line Friday because he had not reserved his iPad.

Apple's iPad to have 1,000 applications initially

Apple's iPad to have 1,000 applications initiallyAccording to the reports, Apple Inc. said 1,000 applications would be ready for the iPad by the time it debuts in U. S. stores Saturday, and a sellout day is likely.

USA Today reported on Friday that industry analyst Richard Doherty of Envisioneering Group said Apple's entry into the digital tablet market would be sold out by "early afternoon."

Sales would likely reach as high as 300,000 by Monday. In addition, Jaffray estimated 1 million would be sold in the second quarter, April through June, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said.

Shipping of first iPads started by Apple

Shipping of first iPads started by AppleThe shipping of first iPads of Apple began on Monday to customers who pre-ordered the tablet computer ahead of Saturday's official launch of the eagerly awaited device.

Apple stores across the US and at electronics retail chain Best Buy will sell the iPads. However Best Buy will only have the device in extremely limited quantities, with each store having a total of 15 iPads - including four that are for display only and cannot be sold.

Google’s TV-cum-internet device

GoogleThe latest buzz is Google's TV which encases an Internet platform in itself. Combining the strengths of Intel as chip developer and Sony for the television manufacturing, this device is posed as a 'thing of desire'. The prototype of the set-top box will facilitate in better web-browsing experience.

It is also believed that the device which is attributed to navigate amongst web-browsers also aids in creating better software's by the developers.

It works hand in glove with Logitech to develop the remote and a mini keyboard for the system.

Updates on USB Storage of Xbox 360

USBAs per the recent reports, Microsoft shall launch its latest addition in its Xbox series - an external USB storage. If the rumors are to be believed then the owners of Xbox 360 have a reason to cheer. They can now install and download games on their Xbox.

Further in explanation of storage one can store Live Arcade games, downloadable content, full-scale Games on Demand and title updates on up to two connected storage devices at a time.

Again the question which arises out here is the 120 GB hard drive on current Xbox 360 models. It still lingers why Microsoft infused USB? The answer to this remains unknown.

JVC Everio comes with astounding features

JVC With the blooming spring in action the Japanese firm Everio- GZ-HM550 gets its best time to be used. It is believed that this new camcorder is packed with remarkable features such as geo-tagging, Bluetooth to name a few.

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