Daily dose of fish oils enhances kids’ exam performances

London, Sept 13 : Researchers have found that consuming a daily dose of fish oils boosts exam performances in children. The trials were carried out on students at Toft Hill Primary School in Bishop Auckland, County Durham.

In the year-long process, 26 pupils sitting for their SATs at Toft Hill Primary School received a daily dose of the fish oil supplements.

In English, 68 per cent of the pupils were expected to achieve the national average, but after taking part in the trial 92 per cent met the required standard, reports the Daily Mail.

Vitamin D could help people live longer

Vitamin-D Source
London, Sep 12: Vitamin D, which the body gets from some foods and sunlight, could help people live longer, latest research has found.

Vitamin D is found in animal fats such as butter, eggs, liver, oily fish (kippers, mackerel, sardines and tuna), margarine, full-fat dairy products and evaporated or malted milk. Sunshine is also a significant source of vitamin D.

Breastfeeding has 'no protective effect' against allergies, asthma

London, Sept 12 : A new research has contradicted the findings of earlier studies by showing that breastfeeding does not protect against asthma and allergies.

The study was carried out by researchers at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) led by McGill University's Dr. Michael Kramer.

Artificial sweetener safe for humans: review

Artificial Sweetener

An ounce of dark chocolate a day may keep heart diseases at bay

Dark Chocolate
London, Sep 12 : Chocolate has already been linked with many health benefits, and now, a food scientist has given chocoholics another reason to savour their favourite sweet by suggesting that dark chocolate prevents heart disease.

But the finding doesn't call for a cocoa binge; for Professor Roger Corder says that eating 'small amounts' of chocolate each day has "considerable potential to improve health and wellbeing".

Diet rich in 'fruity vegetables' and fish reduces asthma, allergy in kids

Fruity Vegetables
Washington, Sept 12 : A seven-year study of Spanish children has revealed that giving kids a diet rich in fish and 'fruity vegetables' can reduce asthma and allergies.

The findings also support the researchers' earlier study that found that a fish-rich diet during pregnancy can help to protect children from asthma and allergies.


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