50 percent Aussies don’t get enough sleep: Study

Melbourne, Oct 30 : A new research has revealed that 50 percent of Australians don't get enough sleep, with most blaming work and having "too much to do" for their lack of shut-eye.

I cautioned DPP that Mohamed Haneef case was weak: AFP Commissioner

Generation Y hesitant to commit to careers

World Trade Centre twin towers fall voted ‘Most Memorable TV Moment’

World Trade Centre Twin Towers

Health of adolescents declining as obesity, depression rise

Melbourne, Oct 11 : Australian researchers have found that the health of adolescents is declining, as the rates of obesity, depression and diabetes rise.

Lou Ferrigno set for ‘Hulk’ cameo

Melbourne, Sept 18: Lou Ferrigno, who played the lead in the Incredible Hulk television series and movies, will be returning to the new movie.

According to, Variety via Superhero Hype report that the part however will be a cameo.

The sequel to the 2003 movie will be directed by Louis Leterrier who directed Transporter 2, which opened at the top of the box office earlier this year, as well as the critically-acclaimed Unleashed, starring Jet Li, Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins.