Oz police struggling to spy on “innovative” Muslim extremists

Melbourne, Nov 5 : A top Australian police official has admitted that their security agencies are finding it difficult to infiltrate extremist Muslim groups, as the latter are using “innovative” ways to communicate.

New South Wales Assistant Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas, who is one of Australia's leading counter-terrorism experts, said that the line between terrorism and crime had blurred as terrorists tried new ideas in pursuing their ideological goals.

‘Dr Death to fight against his extradition to Australia’

Melbourne, Nov 3 : Dr Jayant Patel, the Indian-born surgeon accused of murdering 17 patients at a hospital in Queensland, will fight extradition to Australia, sparking a legal battle in the US cour

Inquiry into Mohamed Haneef’s case 'a must': Oz opposition leader

Melbourne, Nov 3 : Australian Leader of the Opposition Kevin Rudd has said that a Labour Party Government would launch a full judicial inquiry into the handling of terrorism claims against Indian b

Aussie livestock group slams red meat cancer alarm

Melbourne, Nov 2 : Australians in the red meat industry have joined the global backlash against the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) Report that has linked red and processed meat to a range of com

Australian Labour Party calls for judicial inquiry of Mohamed Haneef’s case

Melbourne, Nov 2 : A judicial inquiry is essential to find out the truth in Indian born doctor Mohamed Haneef’s case, the Australian Labour Party’s Immigration spokesman, Tony Burke, has said.

Secret plan to keep Mohamed Haneef in detention even after bail exposed

Dr. Mohamed Haneef