Melbourne set to regain most populous Oz city status

Melbourne, Nov.12  :  Melbourne is on track to elbow Sydney aside as Australia's largest city.

Early loss of virginity doesn’t turn school kids into criminals

Melbourne, Nov 12: A new study has challenged the widely believed view that high school students who lose their virginity at an early age tend to take to a life of crime.

Andrews denies involvement in ‘contingency plan’ against Dr Mohammad Haneef

Melbourne, Nov 10 : Dr. Mohammad Haneef

Lesbians ‘less healthy’ than straight women: Study

Melbourne, Nov 8 : According to a study, by the Western Australia Centre for Health Promotion Research, lesbians and bisexual women are less healthy than their heterosexual counterparts.

Bosses surrounded by alike people are 'LINOs', says a book

Melbourne, Nov 7 : Bosses who surround themselves with people who are like them are LINOs i.e. Leaders In Name Only, states a new book.

Girls as young as 12 fasting, vomiting to shed baby fat

Melbourne, Nov 7 : A new research has revealed that girls as young as 12 years are taking to risky tactics like fasting and vomiting in their bid to reduce their puppy fat.