Sony to re-launch its PS3 2.40 by Wednesday

The Play Stations are an ultimate source of entertainment these days. The device lets you experience a whole new 3 dimensional world, and you almost tend to become a part of it.

Life with Playstation application coming to PS3

Sony president Kaz Hirai unveiled a non-game service, which adds news and weather feeds to the playstation 3.

Sony’s Ultra-Tiny HT-IS100 BRAVIA Micro Home Theater System To Hit Market In July

To woo customers, Sony has made announcement about the launching its new home theatre system named, HT-IS100 BRAVIA Theatre Micro System, which will hit the market by the coming month (July 2008).

The company said that its stylish system comes packed with five small speakers not more than the size of a golf ball.

Moreover, the newly launched audio and video system provides brilliant sound experience to enhance users’ home theatre experience.

The new system has three 1080p HDMI inputs having repeater functionality and supports eight uncompressed audio channels.

Sony Corporation Of America To Acquire Gracenote For $260 Mln

Sony Corporation of America (SCA) has made announcement about the SONYsigning of a merger agreement with a tech

Sony Rolls Out New Bravia Home Theatre System ‘DAV-DZ370’ In India

Electronics company Sony has made announcement about the launching of Sony DAV-DZ370 Theater System

Sony Rolls Back Fresh Start Program Charges

The Japanese electronics giant Sony has stepped back by dropping Sony Vaio Notebook