Sony’s Ultra-Tiny HT-IS100 BRAVIA Micro Home Theater System To Hit Market In July

To woo customers, Sony has made announcement about the launching its new home theatre system named, HT-IS100 BRAVIA Theatre Micro System, which will hit the market by the coming month (July 2008).

The company said that its stylish system comes packed with five small speakers not more than the size of a golf ball.

Moreover, the newly launched audio and video system provides brilliant sound experience to enhance users’ home theatre experience.

The new system has three 1080p HDMI inputs having repeater functionality and supports eight uncompressed audio channels.

Tyler Ishida, director of marketing for Sony Electronics’ Digital Imaging and Audio Division, stated, “Consumers want a cinema-like surround sound experience in their homes, but are hesitant to add large equipment that overpowers the décor.”

“The HT-IS100 packs all the power of a conventional home theater system in five discrete speakers that practically disappear in your living room,” Tyler added.

The users can easily add wireless rear surround speakers without any problem. The system also features a 5.1 channel system with 450 watts (RMS) of power and a subwoofer with 32-bit S-Master digital amplifier.

The newly launched home theater system consists of Sony’s S-AIR technology through which users can easily listen to music with Sony S-AIR Air Station speakers (sold out separately). Television audio plus music can be channeled from main system to several rooms just by linking the Air Station into a power outlet.

The system also features Sony’s Digital Media Port, which offers options like control, networking and connectivity for music playback. All this with through accessories sold out separately like PC client device, Cradle for iPod (TDM-iP10), Network Walkman cradle, and Bluetooth adapter.

The HT-IS100 system is priced at $700 and will be available by July 2008.

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