Sony to re-launch its PS3 2.40 by Wednesday

The Play Stations are an ultimate source of entertainment these days. The device lets you experience a whole new 3 dimensional world, and you almost tend to become a part of it.

Last Wednesday, Sony- a Japanese firm had launched its latest Play Station-2.41, but unfortunately, the company was forced to take it down from its servers after users complained that it had potentially console-wrecking problems.

It might have aired a wind of sadness among the gizmo freaks, but they don’t need to worry as the company is re-launching its firmware on Wednesday after making necessary amendments.

It has now been renamed as Play Station-2.41. Though the company has not made any official announcement about the re –launch of the product, the information has come from a spokesman of the company.

The PS3 firmware 2.40 update was supposed to allow users to play the music they wanted as any game’s soundtrack, as well as providing all kinds of music controls for it. 

Though the users can still update PS3 consoles to firmware 2.40 from number of sites, but Sony advices to insist on the new version ie; PS3 2.41, since it is safer and free from all the problems which the earlier version had. 

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