Life with Playstation application coming to PS3

Sony president Kaz Hirai unveiled a non-game service, which adds news and weather feeds to the playstation 3.

The service "Life with playstation" resembles the News and weather channels offerec on Nintendo's Wii. The primary version of the application is restricted to the present time only. But according to Kaz Hirai, the service will be modified over time to achieve other features including a system that can visually present stored photos and movies according to their recorded time and place.

The basic interface is a globe capable of spinning and revealing different regions of the world. The globe shows the current weather conditions of the major cities and also the headlines regarding the city are listed in the corner of the screen. Users can also play the background music from the playstation 3 hard-disk.

"The news and weather channels are just a beginning," said Hirai. The launch date and other details about the service will be provided later.

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