Electric snowmobile maker Taiga Motors goes public via SPAC deal; raises $100 million

Electric snowmobile maker Taiga Motors goes public via SPAC deal; raises $100 million

Taiga Motors, a Canadian EV startup working to bring to market all-electric snowmobiles and jet skies, has raised $100 million in the process to go public through a special purpose acquisition comp

Smoking mothers have higher risk of delivering aggressive baby

Smoking mothers have higher risk of delivering aggressive babyPrevious studies have shown various harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy on the baby. Recent research has revealed that smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of delivering physically aggressive children.

Universite de Montreal researcher Jean Seguin, one of the lead researchers in the study, said, "What's new about this study is that we can pick up the link (between smoking and physical aggression) in children as early as 17 to 42 months of age."

When old becomes new: Revived video game classics

Montreal  - The HD age dawned three years ago in the video game world and brought novel gaming concepts, breathtaking graphics and crystal clear sound. Video games had never seemed closer to reality. And then something happened: the technological prowess of the consoles was also harnessed to revive ancient classics of video gaming. That means that today's Xbox, Playstation and Wii aren't just showing off the latest in visual fireworks, but now also have been put to work on long-lost, but well-loved classic titles as well.

That includes a new iteration of the Prince of Persia game, designed to return the series to its roots. It's been almost 20 years since the prince first stumbled his way through dank dungeons to rescue his beloved princess.

Former Harvard academic takes over reins of Canada's opposition

Former Harvard academic takes over reins of Canada's oppositionMontreal  - Former Harvard professor Michael Ignatieff took over the
reins of Canada's opposition Wednesday with a stern warning for Prime
Minister Stephen Harper
- shape up or fail the grade.

Speaking in Ottawa after he was named interim leader of the Liberal
Party, Ignatieff said he was ready to topple the minority Conservatives
and enter into a governing coalition with the socialist New Democratic
Party (NDP) if he didn't like Harper's budget, which is expected to be
tabled when Parliament resumes on January 26.

Voters in Quebec elect a federalist government

Montreal  – Voters in Canada's French-speaking province of Quebec elected a federalist provincial government Monday, handing the Liberal Party of Quebec a slim majority.

Premier Jean Charest's Liberals, who are not connected to the federal Liberal Party, won 66 seats in the 125-seat provincial legislature, with 42 per cent of the popular vote.

Charest, whose party held 48 of the 125 seats in Quebec's provincial parliament, called for early elections in the hope of securing a mandate at a time of economic crisis.

"In this period of economic uncertainty a lot of Quebecers recognized the need for stability and they reinforced our team by electing a majority government," Charest said.

Canadian government could be toppled by opposition coalition

Montreal - In a stunning reversal of political fortunes, the leader of Canada's official opposition, Stephane Dion, was poised to become the country's next prime minister despite having lost the October 14 federal election.

Dion, who just six weeks ago was forced to step down as Liberal leader after the party's worst-ever electoral performance, emerged as the compromise candidate to lead a centre-left coalition formed Monday among the Liberal Party and the socialist New Democratic Party (NDP), aiming to unseat the minority Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.