Canada Conservatives buoyed by polls expected to trigger election

Montreal ­ As Canadians brace for an imminent call for elections by the governing Conservatives, the North American nation's sputtering economy, the environment and Arctic sovereignty are emerging as key themes.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, buoyed by polls showing that the minority Conservatives are finally within reach of forming the long- coveted majority in Parliament, is expected to call a federal election any day this week. If he moves to dissolve the Parliament before Sunday, Canadians would go to polls on October 14.

For weeks Harper has argued that new elections are the only way to fix the increasingly dysfunctional" Parliament.

17 Pak delegates denied visas to attend Quebec youth congress

17 Pak delegates denied visas to attend Quebec youth congressMontreal (Canada), July 26 : A seventeen member Pakistani delegation is among dozens of activists from developing countries who have been denied temporary visas into Canada, and thus will not the World Youth Congress being held in Quebec.

Organisers of the event said the activists failed to convince immigration officials that they would leave the country after the event ends.

The World Youth Congress runs from August 10 to August 21, reports the Globe and Mail.

Queen not invited to Quebec City's 400th anniversary birthday bash

Quebec CityMontreal - As foreign dignita

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Police: Sixth foot washed up in British Columbia was a hoax

Montreal  - The sixth human foot that washed ashore Wednesday on the Canadian Pacific coast in British Columbia was a despicable" hoax, investigators announced Thursday.

Sixth human foot washes up in Canada's British Columbia

Montreal - A sixth human foot washed ashore Wednesday morning in British Columbia, Canada, deepening a mystery that has baffled investigators in this picturesque part of Western Canada for the past