Car makers plan smaller, leaner sports cars

Car makers plan smaller, leaner sports carsFrankfurt -Big, high-powered sports cars have an image problem as the debate on climate change heats up and the global recession bites fiercely. So now, car makers plan to launch a number of smaller, compact sports cars in the coming months. And with a little goodwill, these vehicles could pass as a family saloon and still keep up with a Porsche in terms of performance.

"These small power packages come just at the right time," says car analyst Christoph Stuermer of the Frankfurt-based IHS Global Insight.

German Woolworth's files for insolvency

German Woolworth's files for insolvency Frankfurt - The German chain of Woolworth's low-cost stores filed for insolvency in Frankfurt on Tuesday, marking the possible end of yet another branch of what was once an iconic global brand. DWW Woolworth Deutschland GmbH & Co, which employs 11,000 people in Germany, belongs to a private equity investor, Argyll Partners, and is no longer connected to the US company founded in 1878 by F W Woolworth.

Pinks are in this season, but apply carefully

Pink Make-UpFrankfurt - Pink is the make-up trend colour this season, but women who apply too much can quickly make themselves look like an exotic bird.

"I would recommend that the overall impression created by colourful fashions and make-up is not too wild, gaudy and unsettled," said make-up artist Serdar Vural of Frankfurt. Multicoloured clothing can be wonderfully complemented by neutral lips and smoky eye make-up.

A potent lip colour could detract from the undertones of the clothes. Red, pink and coral go together, Vural said, adding that a subtle eye make-up and eyelashes nicely coated with mascara match well with colourful clothing.

Professional shoppers help men define their style

Professional shoppers help men define their styleFrankfurt  - When it comes to choosing clothes, even a good friend isn't completely neutral.

Women who can afford it therefore have sought the advice of a personal style consultant. But as men become more style conscious, they too are increasingly enlisting personal shoppers who advise them style matters and support them in their search for the right outfit.

"This is a service that is well-established in the United States," said Andreas Rose, a style consultant and personal shopper in Frankfurt.

Dell's new notebook can take a beating

Dell's new notebook can take a beating Frankfurt  - Dell's latest laptop is designed to take a beating and can reportedly survive a drop off a table, even when the display is operating.

The Latitude E6400 XFR is billed as a fully ruggedized notebook, designed to withstand drops of up to 120 centimetres when shut down and falls of up to 90 centimetres while running.

Other features include a Core-2-Duo processor, a scratch-resistant cover and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. The laptop sells for 3,290 euros (4,265 dollars). ---

New software provides missing sync between Mac and BlackBerry

German air traffic controllers set to strike this month

German air traffic controllers set to strike this month Frankfurt - German air traffic controllers announced plans to strike at all airports in two weeks' time, the first time Germany has ever faced a formal, nationwide stoppage by control-tower staff.

The GdF aviation safety union said it would allow 25 per cent of staff to offer a skeleton service, but gave no other details.