Pinks are in this season, but apply carefully

Pink Make-UpFrankfurt - Pink is the make-up trend colour this season, but women who apply too much can quickly make themselves look like an exotic bird.

"I would recommend that the overall impression created by colourful fashions and make-up is not too wild, gaudy and unsettled," said make-up artist Serdar Vural of Frankfurt. Multicoloured clothing can be wonderfully complemented by neutral lips and smoky eye make-up.

A potent lip colour could detract from the undertones of the clothes. Red, pink and coral go together, Vural said, adding that a subtle eye make-up and eyelashes nicely coated with mascara match well with colourful clothing.

"I would only use strong make-up colours as an accent," she said, adding that women who like wearing brightly coloured clothing can achieve an especially authentic effect by getting a tan. (dpa)