Common amino acid and high vitamin B6 can reduce lung cancer risk

Common amino acid and high vitamin B6 can reduce lung cancer riskAccording to a new study, people with higher blood levels of vitamin B6 and the essential amino acid methionine (found in most protein) have a lower risk of lung cancer.

Controversial birth control pill from France invites debate

Observers have said that American women may soon have another birth control option in a controversial pill from France that works long after the so-called morning after.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that HRA Pharma of Paris is hoping for U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of the drug, called ella, as a contraceptive that could prevent pregnancy for as many as five days after unprotected sex.

The newspaper also said that as a close chemical relative of the abortion pill RU-486, the new drug is restarting debates about the difficult distinction between preventing and ending a pregnancy.

Large order for Iridium spacecraft

Iridium-spacecraftThe leading mobile satellite service provider, Iridium has ordered around 81 spacecraft for the up-gradation of its global network.

Thales Alenia Space of France has taken the responsibility to build those spacecrafts. This order of 81 spacecraft will make Iridium Next Venture the biggest commercial space project of the world. This deal worth 2.1 billion dollar has been signed under the French export credit guarantee organization named Coface.

Eurosport to feature in 3D

Eurosport to feature in 3DEurosport has released a preview of its 3D at the French Open in Paris, but no plans as of now have been reported to start a dedicated 3D Channel.

The 3D preview will be forecasted from the centre court at the Roland Garros centre, and will be aired until the final day on the 6th June.

This deal has been realised through an involvement with electronics giant Panasonic, the company is using this event as promotional mode to beam the 3D images to over three thousand Panasonic retailers throughout Europe, including the UK.

Africa has an important role in economic growth in upcoming decades, says Sarkozy

Africa has an important role in economic growth in upcoming decades, says SarkozyAfrica will have an important role in economic growth in the upcoming decades, said French President Nicolas Sarkozy, at a summit of African leaders in France.

Radio France Internationale reported on Monday that Sarkozy told the gathering of 38 African leaders in Nice their continent must have a stronger voice in global affairs.

Sarkozy said, "Absolutely none of the problems that the world faces today can be resolved without the active participation of the African continent."

Five valuable paintings have been stolen from museum in Paris

Five valuable paintings have been stolen from museum in ParisFrench officials have informed that five paintings by Picasso, Matisse and other great artists were stolen from The Modern Art museum in Paris. The estimated cost of those paintings is $123 million. As per the official reports, the paintings were most probably stolen yesterday morning or at Wednesday night.

Officials have said that the activity was very well planned. The museum near to the Eiffel Tower has been sealed by the investigators after this issue.

Military chief of ETA arrested in France

Military chief of ETA arrested in FranceThe armed Basque separatist group Eta's suspected leader has been arrested in France. This has been informed by the French police. During the dawn raids four suspects were arrested including a man thought to be the current military chief of Eta named Mikel Kabikoitz Karrera Sarobe.

According to sources, three of them were caught in the southern town of Bayonne and the last one was caught at a nearby village. Five Eta leaders have been arrested in France in last two years. This indicates that Eta has spread its influence in France as well.

French Rafale semi-stealth fighter jets deal with Brazil in balance

French Rafale semi-stealth fighter jets deal with Brazil in balanceIt has been reported that a multibillion dollar deal for a potential sale of French Rafale semi-stealth fighter jets to Brazil is in the balance as France, under pressure from its farmers, seeks to scuttle a Spanish move to renew talks with Latin America's Mercosur trade pact.

It was also reported that the pact, which has Brazil as its most influential member, is opposed by most agriculturalists in Europe, who see cheaper farm imports from South America as a direct threat and a potential risk to lucrative European Union subsidies.

France denies of any secret deal with Iran

Clotilde ReissFrance has refused to have any secret deal with Iran to release the French lecturer who has been charged of spying in the country. The French lecturer Clotilde Reiss has arrived in France with a separate flight from the Iran's capital Teheran. She was charged of spying and has been sentenced for 10 years of jail in Teheran. But her lawyer has said that he had deposited a fine of $285,000 for her release. He has also said that the matter of any secret deal with the country is absolute baseless.

Clotilde Reiss is a lecturer at Iran and aged 25 yrs old. She was accused of e-mailing photographs and espionage of the anti-government protest.

French armored driver sentenced to three years in prison for stealing $15 million

Toni MusulinIt has been reported that a French armored car driver who stole $15 million has been sentenced to three years in prison and says he denies any knowledge of an unrecovered $3.2 million.

ABC News reported on Wednesday that Toni Musulin, 39, admitted in a Lyon court to driving his armored car away after a pickup at a branch of the Banque de France in November 2009.

France's Parliament taking first step to ban wearing burqa

France's Parliament taking first step to ban wearing burqaLawmakers have revealed that France's Parliament is taking the first step toward banning Muslim women from wearing a burqa or full-body niqab in public.

The Daily Telegraph has reported that the legislative body has approved a non-binding resolution that states "wearing of the full veil is contrary to the values of the republic" and "violates the dignity and equality between men and women."

Renault cutting costs by extensive use of Indian products

Renault cutting costs by extensive use of Indian productsWith an aim to cut costs, the French automaker Renault SA is planning to use Indian components at an extensive scale to bring in economies of scale at a larger level.

In fact, the company will be sourcing Indian components worth 250 million euros ($320 million) of for use overseas in 2013, compared with 75 million euros this year, said Sudhir Rao, chief operating officer of the company's Indian unit. It may be noted here that the company sourced components worth 10 million euros in the last year.

Eutelsat and Euro 1080 pins down on agreement

Eutelsat and Euro 1080 pins down on agreementThe satellite service provider, Eutelsat Communications and Euro 1080 has come down on an agreement that claims of airing newer contents for their viewers as the 3D TV channel being broadcast through Eutelsat, via the Eurobird 9a satellite.

This move of Euro 1080 adds a ton of its own experience in 3D TV viewership as it aids in providing its own production company, Alfacam which is famed for its pioneering development in having the HDTV format and currently the same is engrossed in the production and recording of sports events and live concerts in 3D.

Brazil planning a Mercosur bargaining chip with French in arms’ deal

brazil-flagOfficials have said that Brazil is positioning itself to use talks with France on a multibillion-dollar arms deal as a bargaining chip in Latin America's fight for better terms for Mercosur agricultural exports to Europe.

It has been reported that Latin America's Mercosur trading bloc, itself riven by divisions, will face European partners at the May 18 summit of Caribbean, Latin American and European countries in Madrid.

High resolution featured Little Big Planet2 leaked on web

LittleBitPlanet2Sony's acquisition of Media Molecule's LittleBitPlanet 2 was reported back in March, now a similar news on similar grounds has been confirmed that states the high resolution shots are being aired on a French website Live Play 3.

It is slowly catching attention as it has already making rounds with the popular micro blogging site, Twitter that saw an update of the same stating; Tag of the day is #LBP2 - stay tuned!.

This popular gaming format has a list of gamers who are die-hard fans of the same, and the official news about LittleBigPlanet 2 has made them go ga-ga.

Paris hopes to strike an agreement with UAE by the end of this year

Rafale-Fighter-JetAccording to the official reports, negotiations between France and the United Arab Emirates on Dassault Aviation's Rafale fighter jet are taking longer than expected but Paris hopes to strike an agreement by the end of this year.

An agreement struck this year would mean that next-generation Rafale jets could be delivered by 2014, a French official familiar with the negotiations told Defensenews. com.

Glenmark licenses out painkiller to Sanofi-Aventis

Glenmark licenses out painkiller to Sanofi-AventisIndian pharmaceutical company, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. announced that it has licensed out the rights to develop and commercial its painkiller to Sanofi-Aventis S. A. Sanofi is a French company and had been waiting for long to get the rights.

Post the declaration, the shares of Glenmark reached its 52-week high. This happened since the agreement is looked as a new lease of life for the research and development facility of Glenmark.

The company was hit hard when the old license deals expired and there was nothing visible in the near future till now.

Court stops clearance of Lafarge’s plan

LafargeLafarge, the French cement giant is going to face some tough times ahead. After the Supreme Court order, the company has lost the environmental clearance that was given to it by the Ministry of Environment and Forest.

The court said that it has refused to endorse this since the clearance was given in haste and that the limestone mine that it was setting up in Meghalaya is actually harmful for the surroundings.

The plant was set up in the North-Eastern state of India and the raw material would be supplied to its cement plant in Bangladesh.

Freida Pinto To Give Cannes Festival A Miss!

Freida Pinto To Give Cannes Festival A Miss!Freida Pinto will not be attending the 63rd Cannes Film Festival because of her shooting commitments.

The 24-year-old Slumdog Millionaire star was supposed to hit the red carpet at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival next month along with the stars of "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger" directed by Woody Allen.

Publicis reports 3.1% growth in first quarter revenue

Publicis-GroupePublicis Groupe SA, a French advertising company, said that it returned to profit in the first quarter of the fiscal. The company said that the first quarter profit was mainly attributable to the 3.1% growth in its revenue in the first three months of the fiscal, signaling a faster than expected recovery in the advertising industry.

Encouraged by the first quarter results, Publicis said that it expects to outperform the global advertising industry in the current fiscal. Publicis has also lifted its global hiring and salary freeze after returning to growth in the first quarter.

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