Renault tough times to combat

Renault tough times to combatRenault, the French automobile major, posted a loss this quarter leaving its shares to trade down by 5% in market. For the 2010 year ahead it has made no forecast to share in its transcripts.

Renault, the manufacturer of luxury machines is facing trouble due to economic slowdown in the global markets and expects a tough situation to combat within year 2010, as a 10 percent dip in the European market has given it a jitter on its nerves.

Mutualism a term understood by India & Sweden

Yoga-and-AyurvedaWhat seemed to be a heaven's grant for the U. S., France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Canada is finally being conferred to Sweden. In lieu of Yoga and Ayurveda the areas of geriatric care, mental health and diagnostics would be taken care of. An outline convention for the alcoholics and throughout registration of the pregnant ladies is their primary motif.

France to ask for clarification from China on Google dispute

France to ask for clarification from China on Google disputeIt has appeared that French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner will be asking his Chinese counterpart for clarifications on Beijing's issue with US Internet giant Google during talks this week.

Mr. Kouchner is supposed to meet Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi in Paris on Wednesday.

"This is a very important event, it is a way of showing the extent to which information traveling around the world is under surveillance, which is quite troubling," said Kouchner, while referring to the issue.

EU needs grand social pact to emerge from recession: Spain

Strasbourg (France), Jan 21 - The European Union needs a "grand social pact" between business and labour to ensure recovery from the recession, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has said in a speech to the European Parliament here.

Zapatero travelled to Strasbourg to outline Wednesday his agenda for Spain's six month term in the EU presidency, which began Jan 1.

The programme was largely embraced by centrists and socialists in the parliament, while conservative members expressed doubts.

One of the sceptics questioned Madrid's fitness to chart EU economic strategy when Spain is suffering from nearly 20 percent unemployment.

Venezuelan President nationalizes a French owned supermarket chain

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez has announced that a chain of supermarkets controlled by France's Casino is being nationalized as the company has violated laws and indulged in price gouging after the devaluation of the Bolivar currency by the government.

Speaking on his weekly TV show the president said, "Because of multiple violations of Venezuelan laws the Exito chain will now belong to the republic, there is no way back."

Chavez has nationalized large projects in various sectors including major oil projects and also electricity and telecommunications companies among others.

France Telecom Executive Expects Apple’s Tablet to have Web Cam, 3G

France Telecom Executive Expects Apple’s Tablet to have Web Cam, 3GAn executive with wireless operator France Telecom implied that Apple is on the verge of releasing a tablet equipped with a Web cam, and offer 3G connectivity to its Orange customers across Europe.

However, Stephanie Richard, the second in command with France Telecom, owner of Orange, remained silent when requested to provide more information. Rather he responded by saying yes to a series of tablet-related questions from journalist Jean-Pierre Elkabbach.

Davies accused of committing Homicide without Premeditation

Davies accused of committing Homicide without PremeditationThe niece of British Defense Minister Quentin Davies, Jessica Davies faced the murder trial in France on Monday accused of killing her lover during a frenzied sex game. The accused is alleged believed to have slashed the throat of a man she grabbed from a pub.

The accused, Jessica Davies, 30, is a former model, and has been accused of killing Olivier Mugnier, 24, while under full influence of alcohol and anti-depressant drugs.

'New Wave' filmmaker Eric Rohmer dies at age 89

'New Wave' filmmaker Eric Rohmer dies at age 89Paris, Jan 12 - Director Eric Rohmer, one of the giants of modern French cinema, has died at age 89, his production company Campagnie Eric Rohmer said Monday.

With other groundbreaking filmmakers, such as Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut, Rohmer was one of the founders of French New Wave cinema that in the 1950s and 1960s transformed French and world cinema forever.

How galaxy disks are stirred vigorously

How galaxy disks are stirred vigorouslyParis, January 8 : In a new research, astronomers have shown that in spiral galaxies containing a central bar, which is an elongated structure composed of stars, a vigorous mixing of stars in the disk takes place.

The research was done by two CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) researchers at the Strasbourg Observatory in France.

Until now, astronomers have attributed this mixing process, named “radial migration,” solely to spiral structure, while ignoring the effects of the bar.

French Sikhs bringing turban ban issue to Delhi

French Sikhs bringing turban ban issue to DelhiParis, Jan 6 - A delegation of Sikhs from France will land in New Delhi Thursday for the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD), the annual gathering of the Indian diaspora, to highlight the continuing problem of the ban of Sikh turbans in France.

As all their attempts to resolve the issue with the French and European authorities have failed, the Sikhs are now turning to not only the Indian government but also the entire Indian diaspora to help them resolve a problem that threatens their religious identity.

Airbus reports all-time record plane sales

Airbus-LogoParis, Jan 4 : Airplane manufacturer Airbus sold more planes in 2009 than in its entire history, despite the harsh conditions surrounding the economic crisis, reported the La Tribune business newspaper Monday.

The company delivered 498 airplanes in 2009, beating its 2008 record by 15 airplanes, the newspaper reported, citing informed sources.

However, the company reportedly fell short of its goal for the A380, the world's largest passenger plane, delivering only 10 of the 13 promised.

Sarkozy Carbon Tax to be Revived

carbonWith the hope to underscore France’s environmental credentials ahead of the Copenhagen conference on climate change, President Nicolas Sarkozy plans to make France the biggest economy to impose carbon tax from January 1. The plan, aimed at lowering the energy consumption, was annulled by the Constitutional Court just 48 hours before it was due to come into force on Wednesday.

The Constitutional Court objected that 93 percent of industrial carbon dioxide emissions would be exempt, arguing that the measure would do nothing to combat global warming and unfairly penalize low earners and crowed victory, going against the principal of equality.

French constitutional body nixes carbon tax

Paris, Dec 30 - France's Constitutional Council ruled that a planned carbon tax cannot come into force as it includes too many exemptions.

The tax, which was planned to enter into effect Jan 1, was a centrepiece of President Nicolas Sarkozy's climate initiative. The rejection represents a setback for the government.

The council said in a statement late Tuesday that the exemptions included in the carbon tax ran counter to the aim of fighting climate change and created taxation inequalities.

French consumers were meant to be encouraged by the tax to use less fossil fuels.

Prime Minister Francois Fillon announced there would be an amended version, taking into account the ruling, by Jan 20, French radio reported.

Silicon technology to enable clearest X-ray view yet of most violent regions of space

Silicon technology to enable clearest X-ray view yet of most violent regions of spaceParis, December 22 : An European Space Agency (ESA) led effort is all set to use silicon technology to enable astronomy’s clearest X-ray view yet of the most violent regions of space.

“ESA has been working with specialist European firms to develop this new optical technique and build up a supporting industry,” said Marcos Bavdaz, Head of ESA’s Advanced Technology Section.

Eurostar nightmare ends as first train in days leaves Paris

Eurostar nightmare ends as first train in days leaves ParisParis, Dec 22 - The three-day shutdown of the Eurostar rail service linking Paris and London ended early Tuesday as a train once again left the French capital for the Channel Tunnel and Britain.

Two of three scheduled Eurostars were to be operating from the French capital Tuesday. Service from London to Paris was also set to resume.

However, confusion reigned at the Gare du Nord train station in Paris early Tuesday as the first train prepared to leave.

Two million French without electricity because of cold

Two million French without electricity because of coldParis, Dec 21 :Two million people lost electricity for nearly two hours in southern France Monday because of the effects of the cold snap, energy provider RTE said.

RTE said it undertook a partial blackout after a technical malfunction threatened to cripple the entire system.

The incident occurred in a region of France which is vulnerable to partial blackouts during unseasonably cold weather because of its high electricity consumption, RTE said.

France launches military satellite

France launches military satelliteParis, Dec 19 - France has launched a military satellite from the Kourou launch site in French Guiana.

The Helios 2B satellite was launched atop Arianne 5 rocket by the Arianespace centre in South America, Xinhua reported. The rocket lifted off at 1626 GMT Friday.

The 4.2-tonne satellite, heading into sun-synchronous polar orbit, is part of the second-generation observation system for security and defence applications developed by France in collaboration with Belgium, Spain, Italy and Greece. (IANS)

Martian moons Phobos and Deimos captured on camera together for first time

Martian moons Phobos and Deimos captured on camera together for first timeParis, December 12 : ESA’s (European Space Agency’s) Mars Express has caught together on camera for the first time the Martian moons Phobos and Deimos.

The images were acquired with the Super Resolution Channel (SRC) of the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC).

The camera took 130 images of the moons on November 5, over a period of 1.5 minutes at intervals of 1s, speeding up to 0.5-s intervals toward the end.

The image resolution is 110 m/pixel for Phobos and 240 m/pixel for Deimos.

Thales aims at 1.3 bn euros productivity increase

Thales-aerospaceParis, Dec 11 (IANS) European aerospace and electronics giant Thales has unveiled an action plan to increase productivity by 1.3 billion euros in five years to bring its operational performance closer to that of its continental competitors and strengthen its growth in the medium term.

It has also unveiled a new organisational plan under which the group would be structured around three large regions and seven divisions.

Brown, Sarkozy want 'supertax' on bankers' bonuses

Brown, Sarkozy want 'supertax' on bankers' bonusesLondon, Dec 10 : British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy Thursday jointly called for urgent reforms to the global financial market in what was described as a rapprochement following a diplomat spat.

The two leaders, writing jointly in the Wall Street Journal, called for "a new compact between global banks and the society they serve".

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