Publicis reports 3.1% growth in first quarter revenue

Publicis-GroupePublicis Groupe SA, a French advertising company, said that it returned to profit in the first quarter of the fiscal. The company said that the first quarter profit was mainly attributable to the 3.1% growth in its revenue in the first three months of the fiscal, signaling a faster than expected recovery in the advertising industry.

Encouraged by the first quarter results, Publicis said that it expects to outperform the global advertising industry in the current fiscal. Publicis has also lifted its global hiring and salary freeze after returning to growth in the first quarter.

Renault Clio gets pumped up interiors

Renault Clio gets pumped up interiorsRenault has proclaimed to launch the out of the box interior designs with its latest car Clio.

As the company reports state, the new Renault Clio will sport all the latest car interiors. For instance, Renault for the very first time shall introduce the Swivel seat boasting of comfort. Catering to the needs of senior citizens customers, the swivel seat restricts one with limited mobility.

New national surveillance program in France to reduce healthcare-acquired infections prove to effective

New national surveillance program in France to reduce healthcare-acquired infections prove to effectiveResearchers have said that the number of cases of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus has decreased by 40 percent in French hospitals.

The impact of new national surveillance program to reduce healthcare-acquired infections was evaluated by Dr. Laetitia May-Michelangeli of the Ministry of Health and Sports and Dr. Christian Brun-Buisson, chairwoman of the national infection control program at Hospital Henri Mondor in Paris, and colleagues.

Sagem rolls out iPlayer Freesat set-top platform

Sagem rolls out iPlayer Freesat set-top platformSagem has launched the BBC's iPlayer for all the subscribers of Freesat Set-top box.

The users of Sagem got a reason to cherish as the Sagem Freesat HD and Freesat+ HD set top boxes will now come with BBC iPlayer which shall enable the users to hang-on to their favorite programmes and also to the older archives for the same.

Civil nuclear regulations a mandatory step: France

Nuclear-EnergyThe Government of India still faces a stiff resistance upon the civil nuclear liability bill France claimed the issue to be an 'integral matter' yet stressed upon the rules which were necessary in order to establish a 'robust, equitable and efficient liability regime' in Indian sub-continent.

Orange ties up with HMV

Orange HMV DealThe French Telecom giant, Orange has recently joined hands with the tech retail company, HMV of UK to launch the first chain of gaming stores.

The store which seeks its release this week will offer 400 games for Java enabled mobiles for all the networks. It is supposed to feature games ranging from £1 scoring up to a fiver. Games such as Fifa Manager 10, which is a transfigured version of mobile, will seemingly fetch the highest stakes. For older hits like Pac-man it will be a cost saving, entertaining method and will suit the likes of the ‘conserving yet classical’ gamers.

Selenium is the new armour against Diabetes

Selenium is the new armour against DiabetesHigh plasma selenium concentrations are linked to reduce the occurrence of dysglycemia, stated a new report.

Dysglycemia is considered to be any disorder of blood sugar metabolism, which affects both the genders.

The research conducted by the University of Montpellier, Tasnime Akbaraly did an observational survey upon 1,162 healthy French men and women for nine years, monitoring their plasma selenium levels and occurrence of dysglycemia.

Orange to include Xperia X10

Orange to include Xperia X10Orange, a key brand of the famed France Telecom, is going to offer the buyers an option of getting Xperia X10's exclusive model. This is made by Sony Ericsson. The main feature of the phone is that it comes in White color. This is the trendiest color available at present.

While Orange is not the first one which has to offer this product; what makes it stand apart is that it is offering them the white color.

The high visibility white model is guaranteed to capture the attention, as the current trend goes 'white is the new black'.

U.S. criticized for "protectionism" by Britain and France

U.S. criticized for "protectionism" by Britain and FranceThe United States have been jointly accused of "protectionism" over a $53 billion aerospace contract by Britain's prime minister and the president of France.

The Daily Telegraph reported on Friday that Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy alleged that the Pentagon was favoring American company Boeing over the European consortium bidding to build refueling tanker aircraft for the U. S. Air Force.

The newspaper further said that the consortium withdrew from the bidding this week.

Most senior ETA leader arrested in France

Most senior ETA leader arrested in FranceFurther weakening the Basque separatist group, French police have arrested a top military leader of ETA.

Spanish officials have said that Ibon Gogeascotxea, who according to Madrid is the group's most senior military leader, was arrested with two other ETA members in Normandy in northwestern France.

The other two suspects -- Beinat Aguinalde Ugartemendia, 26, and Gregorio Jimenez Morales, 55 -- were part of a commando unit ready to enter Spain and stage attacks there, said Spanish Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba.

Euro soaring with the Greece Bailout

Euro soaring with the Greece BailoutAll fingers are crossed with the hopes and expectations for the effort; Germany and France are putting together for a bailout plan for Greece so that the Euro keep standing on its feet rather than staggering down.

There is a revision as well in the sentiments to the manufacturing purchasing manager's index of euro zone's manufacturing, holding the same by 30 months highest, bringing the euro on an inclination level by $1.3622 from $1.3616.

According to the Press reports, the Greek rescue plan is under consideration as of now, and involves €30 billion in aid.

France decides to upgrade army, buys 260 Javelin missiles from U.S. missiles

260 Javelin missiles will be purchased from the United States by France as it has decided to look into a major upgrade of its tank and armored vehicle fleet.

Defensenews. com has reported that produced by a consortium of Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, Paris will spend some $70 million on the missiles, together with 76 launchers.

The Javelin is a fire-and-forget anti-tank missile that can be launched by a single soldier. Equipped with an imaging infrared seeker, the missile reaches a peak altitude of 500 feet and is also able to engage helicopters.

Saying the Javelins would be delivered this year, French Defense Minister Herve Morin announced the missile purchase at a news conference this week.

CGT to toughen strike at Total

Oil giant Total has shut down the company's refineries in France for a long time. Now a French labor union has taken initiative to have a talk with the company. The strike of the labor union is on and they have threatened that will be more toughen in days to come if Total takes no necessary steps to reopen the refineries.

Total has all together twelve refineries in France. Out of which six refineries have been shut down by this call-off since Friday.

The entire cause of concern is Total's Dunkirk refinery situated in northern France. There have been fears of possible shortages of gasoline. Hence according to workers the future of Dunkirk refinery is not safe and sound.

Societe Generale Q4 profit doubles

SOCIETE-GENERALE-LOGOFrench bank Societe Generale SA reported more than double net earnings more in the fourth quarter with the help of international retail and private banking operations profit.

The bank reported net profit of Euro221 million during the fourth quarter, up from euro87 million a year earlier despite slightly lower revenue because company's international retail and private banking and investment management divisions return to profit of 623 million euro against the loss of euro 1.9 million for the same period of previous financial year.

BNP Paribas reports Q4 profit

BNP Paribas reports Q4 profitBNP Paribas SA reported that its net income _1.36 billion for the fourth-quarter of 2009 as compared with a loss of _1.37 billion recorded in the corresponding quarter previous year. France's largest bank reported net banking income for the latest quarter more than doubled to _10.06 billion from _4.85 billion in the fourth quarter of 2008. The bank purchased the Fortis's banking units in Belgium and Luxembourg for 10.4 billion-euro last year which made it the largest bank by deposits in the whole euro region.

L'Oreal Q4 sales miss forecasts; aims for 2010 growth

LorealWorld's largest cosmetics maker L'Oreal SA reported profit and sales below the expectations primarily due to fall in the demand of perfumes and makeup in its main markets.

Company reported 8% decline in the yearly earnings and. Revenue from the luxury segment reported a decline of 4.7% in the fourth quarter and globally company reported a 3.5% decline in the sales especially in the American and US market.

People with autism-spectrum disorders may be helped by 'Love hormone'

People with autism-spectrum disorders may be helped by 'Love hormone'Researchers in France have suggested that the "love hormone," oxytocin may improve social functioning in those with autism-spectrum disorders,.

Angela Sirigu of the CNRS lab in Bron, France, and colleagues found that after inhalation of oxytocin the study participants with autism-spectrum disorders were more likely to focus attention on the eyes of human faces -- an important marker of social interaction.

Michelin Group's profits sag in '09

Michelin-LogoFrench tire maker Compagnie Générale des Etablissements Michelin reported decline in the net profit as compared to last fiscal year more than expected due to declining tire sales and high restructuring costs.

Company reported 71% decline in the net profit margin from € 357 million to €104 million due to non recurring expenses related to the project in France, North America and Japan.

France and Switzerland agreed on taxation deal

According to a statement from the Federal Department of Finance in Bern said." Switzerland and France have formally agreed on the interpretation of the renegotiated double taxation


The finance ministry added that it "no longer considers that there is any impediment to the revised double taxation agreement being approved rapidly by parliament."

Swiss ministry also said that none of the information would be used in requests for administrative assistance. This comment was regarding a data leak from HSBC Private Bank in Geneva.

The statement further said "France has fulfilled a further condition by delivering a copy of the data stolen from HSBC in Geneva to the Swiss authorities."

Renault SA registers an annual loss in 13 years

Renault-LogoRenault released its 2009 annual financial results today. Renault SA, France's second largest carmaker, reported its first annual loss in 13 years. The net loss was posted €3.1 billion ($4.3 billion) while in the previous fiscal the company reported a profit of €571 million.

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