Victoria Beckham

Posh’s fury at Becks’ ‘sexy skimpily-clad Italian interviewer’

Victoria BeckhamLondon, December 20 : Victoria Beckham reportedly hit the roof after finding out that a stunning Italian TV presenter, fond of wearing revealing clothes, was to take hubby David's first TV interview when he lands in Milan.

According to sources, the former Spice Girl had turned to Internet to "research" chat host Ilaria D'Amico before the format of the exclusive hour-long interview had been changed "at the request of the Beckham camp."

Following confusion on the entire matter, TV bosses had revealed that the interview would last for only 15 minutes, reports the Sun.

Posh wants to have ‘Hollywood ­version’ of Christmas!

Victoria BeckhamLondon, Dec 19 : It seems that David and Victoria Beckham are finding it difficult to decide where to spend their Christmas this year.

While Becks is willing to celebrate it in Britain, Posh is adamant to spend it in Los Angeles.

The Beckhams moved to Beverly Hills in summer, last year when David signed with LA Galaxy.

"Victoria has said she has had so many British Christmases and wants to have the Hollywood -version," the Daily Express quoted a source as saying.

Beckham''s ex housekeepers won’t face theft charges

David Beckham, Victoria BeckhamLondon, Dec 18 : David and Victoria Beckham''s former housekeepers will not be facing charges over the allegation that they stole memorabilia from couple's London home.

In October, house employees Eric and June Emmett were arrested along with their son Gareth on suspicion of theft.

They allegedly stole items from the former Spice Girl and her football star husband''s home and tried to sell it on the online auction site eBay.

Victoria Beckham’s fashion inspiration – schoolteacher!

Victoria Beckham’s fashion inspiration – schoolteacher!London, Dec 18 : Victoria Beckham likes to dress like a British schoolteacher.

The 34-year-old fashionista said it was her favourite look at the moment.

"I love pencil skirts and fitted blouses, classic-cut dresses and well-fitted jeans, mixed with classic tailoring," the Sun quoted her, as saying.

The mum of three said her move to Los Angeles - following hubby David's move to LA Galaxy - had not altered her dress sense.

Posh’s DIY treatment to get rid of ‘ugly’ bunions!

Victoria BeckhamNew Delhi, Dec 17 : Victoria Beckham has found a do-it-yourself treatment to rid herself of bunions, which result from her penchant for high heels.

The former `Spice Girl' is terrified by the unsightly and painful swellings on her feet due to high heels, and now believes she has found a cure, reports the China Daily.

"Victoria has tracked down a device that you wear at night. It''s like a foot splint and moves the toe joint slowly back into place while you sleep," said a source told Closer magazine.

Victoria Beckham Spice ‘in danger of Silvio Berlusconi trap’?

London, December 14 : Victoria Beckham is in danger of being wooed by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who is known for his reputation with the ladies, according to a source.

The Italian politician, who owner of the football club AC Milan, is said to have drawn plans to convince Victoria's better half, David, to put a stay on his New Year loan spell after midfield hero Gennaro Gattuso's knee ligament injury.

According to club sources, the 72-year-old fan of the singer, had "perfect excuse" to talk to Victoria, who he eyes "as key to persuading hubby to stay in Milan."