Victoria Beckham

Have Victoria Beckham’s boobs been given a boost…again?

London, January 18 : Victoria Beckham has sparked rumours of having had another boob job after her twin assets seemed to have been given a boost in recent ads.

The former Spice Girl had followed in the steps of her hubby-soccer ace David Beckham by stripping for a series of saucy Giorgio Armani underwear ads.

The fashion icon was said to have worked hard on her body for 6 months to get the preferred look in the ad campaign.

And since the publication of the advert, Victoria has come under the scanner for her varying chest sizes over the years, reports News of the World.

Posh does a Becks, strips for Armani’s lingerie line

Posh does a Becks, strips for Armani’s lingerie lineLondon, Jan 15 : Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has followed in the footsteps of her husband soccer ace David Beckham, by stripping off for a series of saucy Armani underwear ads.

Victoria has posed for moody black and white snaps promoting Giorgio Armani underwear, and her look in the advert is inspired by 1950s cinema.

According to sources, Victoria worked hard on her body for 6 months to get the preferred look in the ad campaign.

Now, Jordan says Posh no good at offering support over cheating beaus

Victoria BeckhamLondon , January 14 : After Cheryl Cole's rant, ex-glamour model Jordan has accused Victoria Beckham for not lending a shoulder after she found out about her cheating beau.

Cole had apparently said that Victoria had not been around to comfort her when she found about hubby Ashley''s extra-martial affair, despite the former Spice Girl facing a similar situation with her footballer-hubby David Beckham.

And now, Jordan, born as Katie Price, revealed that her ex singer-pal repeated the same behaviour with her by showing no concern her ex-beau Dane Bowers cheated on her.

Posh runs out of space to keep shoes!

Washington, Jan 1 : Victoria Beckham's addiction to shoes has left her in a fix, for the singer is running out of space to store them.

Pasta is Posh’s ‘kryptonite’!

Victoria BeckhamNew Delhi, Dec 24 : Victoria Beckham may struggle to find a decent meal after moving to Italy, for the fashionista has confessed that she's `allergic' to the country's traditional dish pasta.

The former Spice Girl says she can''t eat the Italian dish because it plays havoc with her body, reports the China Daily.

"It''s not that I avoid carbs, I''m allergic to pasta. It''s like my kryptonite. I feel like I can''t digest it properly and it makes me feel ill," the 34-year-old said.

Posh wears 3 dresses from her own collection in Milan

Victoria BeckhamNew York, Dec 23 : Victoria Beckham is leaving no stone unturned to make her latest Spring/Summer ''09 collection a hit, for the singer was spotted wearing three of the dresses she has designed in less than 24 hours in Milan.

Former Spice girl-turned-designer first appeared on the streets in her sleek, high-waisted blue and black taffeta Frejus dress worth 1,435.50 dollars, alongside hubby David Beckham outside the Four Seasons hotel, reports the New York Daily News.

Later, while going out for a dinner in the evening, Victoria was photographed dressed in sequined Barbazan dress worth 3,415 dollars.