Imran Khan

Imran, Ramiz flay India’s decision to cancel tour

Lahore, Dec 19 : Former Pakistan cricket captains have flayed India's decision to cancel next month's tour to Pakistan in wake of the Mumbai terror attacks in which at least 179 people were killed.

Former captain and Tehreek-I-Insaaf chief Imran Khan has said that this decision of India will not help build up trust between the two countries and it is a wrong decision by the Indians.

Imran said India should have applied the same criteria as they did when they asked England to return to their country after last month's militant attacks in Mumbai.

Imran says IAF did not ‘intrude’ Pak airspace by mistake

Imran says IAF did not ‘intrude’ Pak airspace by mistakeRawalpindi, Dec 16 : Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former cricketer Imran Khan has said that the Indian Air Fore planes did not enter our airspace by mistake, and that the government should tell the truth to the nation.

"If India is blaming that Pakistan is behind the Mumbai attacks then it should give some solid evidence, which should be proved through the court," Imran said.

England’s cricketers will be cautious about touring India: Imran

London, Dec. 2 : England’s cricketers will be cautious about touring India in the wake of the recent terrorist strikes in Mumbai, feels former Pakistan cricket captain Imran Khan.

Khan is of the view that the terrorists in Mumbai said they wanted to kill Westerners, so England''s cricketers will be even more cautious.

This time the top brass on tour acted quickly to give the players the swift exit they sought, a rare concession given that it seemed to have come without any strings attached.

“On the edge” Pak going through worst crisis of its history, say Nawaz, Imran

London, Oct 23 : Top Pakistan Opposition leaders have said that the country was heading towards its worst ever crisis, and with the renewed insurgency it was “on the edge”.

“Pakistan is going through the worst crisis of its history,” said to a leaked letter signed by the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, the main opposition leader in Pakistan.

A similar view is shared by cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, another opposition leader, who says that the political and economic meltdown "is leading to a sort of anarchy in Pakistan". “How does a country collapse?” the former cricketer asked.

Imran says foreign cricketers safe in Pak because terrorists “will never target cricket”

Former Cricketer Imran KhanSydney, Oct 13 : In the backdrop of cancellation of several cricketing engagements in the current year by foreign teams citing security concerns, former Pakistan skipper Imran Khan has said that international cricketers should tour his country as they were safe from terror threats “because the game was so loved” there and that terrorists will never target the game or the players.

“I know that cricketers would never be under any threat from terrorists,” The News quoted Imran as saying in an interview with Australian Television.

Imran All Set To Impress His Fans Once More

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