Imran, Ramiz flay India’s decision to cancel tour

Lahore, Dec 19 : Former Pakistan cricket captains have flayed India's decision to cancel next month's tour to Pakistan in wake of the Mumbai terror attacks in which at least 179 people were killed.

Former captain and Tehreek-I-Insaaf chief Imran Khan has said that this decision of India will not help build up trust between the two countries and it is a wrong decision by the Indians.

Imran said India should have applied the same criteria as they did when they asked England to return to their country after last month's militant attacks in Mumbai.

"When some English cricketers had security concerns going back to India they were told if they didn't return it would be a victory for the terrorists behind the Mumbai attacks," the Daily Times quoted him, as saying.

Imran added that all countries reluctant to send teams to Pakistan should remember no sportsmen had ever been targeted in his country.

Former captain Ramiz Raja said world cricket can't afford Pakistan and India at crossroads. "Cricket is like a religion in both countries. It is not only the loss of Pakistan but also that of India," Ramiz said.

He said that the cancellation of the series was very unfortunate. "But time is a big healer. Pakistan should give some time to India. I hope things will improve with the passage of time and cricket relations between the countries will resume shortly," he added.

Former captain Rashid Latif said Pakistan should seriously consider cutting off cricketing ties with neighbours India.

"Our team went to India in 1999 when conditions were worse and there were threats to the players from extremist elements who even dug up pitches at match venues. The Indians need to show more responsibility." (ANI)