Imran says IAF did not ‘intrude’ Pak airspace by mistake

Imran says IAF did not ‘intrude’ Pak airspace by mistakeRawalpindi, Dec 16 : Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former cricketer Imran Khan has said that the Indian Air Fore planes did not enter our airspace by mistake, and that the government should tell the truth to the nation.

"If India is blaming that Pakistan is behind the Mumbai attacks then it should give some solid evidence, which should be proved through the court," Imran said.

Talking to journalists during the inauguration ceremony of membership scheme of the PTI, he said Pakistan should take up this matter to the United Nations.

The News quoted Imran as saying that that both India and Pakistan were the victims of terrorism. Both countries should share intelligence to fight terrorism, he added.

He also said that the UN should be sure before banning the Jamaat-ut-Daawa, as one could not declare any person or organisation a terrorist until a court declared it.

Commenting on the shoe attack by an Iraqi journalist, Imran said: "I wish the shoes of Iraqi journalist had hit US President George W Bush as he deserves this."

Talking about Dr Aafia Siddiqui's issue, he said: "We strongly condemn that our government has handed over a Pakistani citizen to America." He also condemned the UN act of declaring Lt-General (retired) Hameed Gul a terrorist.

Imran said that the country lacked leadership and this was the main reason why the foreign investors were not willing to invest in Pakistan.

Commenting on the judges' issue, he said that all the political parties wanted a free and fair judiciary in the country but when they came into power, they became a hurdle in the way of the free judiciary. (ANI)