England’s cricketers will be cautious about touring India: Imran

London, Dec. 2 : England’s cricketers will be cautious about touring India in the wake of the recent terrorist strikes in Mumbai, feels former Pakistan cricket captain Imran Khan.

Khan is of the view that the terrorists in Mumbai said they wanted to kill Westerners, so England''s cricketers will be even more cautious.

This time the top brass on tour acted quickly to give the players the swift exit they sought, a rare concession given that it seemed to have come without any strings attached.

Since Mumbai was laid siege to last Thursday night, many of England''s cricketers have retold their horror of seeing images of the slaughter unfold on television. Seeing corpses strewn about a hotel many of them knew intimately would have multiplied their unease, though not as much as it did for their families watching the same scenes 5,000 miles away at home. (ANI)