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Hillary Clinton now riding a wave of bipartisan support

Arab world wary of `Secretary of State’ Hillary Clinton

Former U.S. First Lady Hillary ClintonNew York, Nov. 24 : Should New York Senator Hillary Clinton accept Barack Oba’s offer of Secretary of State, she might just create a feeling of wariness in the Arab world because of her pro-Israel stance.

Clinton''s foreign policy views will be scrutinized closely in the weeks ahead, but as her past statements on the Middle East illustrate, she has a considerable track record that provides evidence for several plausible explanations of how she might try to focus U. S. diplomacy.

Hillary Clinton says yes to become Obama’s Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton says yes to become Obama’s Secretary of StateWashington, Nov 23 : Wife of former US president Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is learnt to have accepted the post of Secretary of State offered to her by President-elect Barack Obama.

According to a report in foxnews. com, a formal announcement in this regard is planned for after Thanksgiving, which falls on November 27.

Clinton is said to have made her decision to accept quite recently, after persistent courting by Obama and his transition team, the Daily Times quoted the report as saying.

Hillary Clinton wrapping up campaign sale

Hillary Clinton rallies for Obama/Biden ticket in OhioWashington, Nov. 22 : Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign is wrapping up a fire sale of sorts, in which it dispensed computers, servers, desks and most other office fixtures not bolted down to charities, campaign vendors, politicians and just regular folks — all in the name of raising cash to pay off its debt.

Hillary Clinton’s shoes will be difficult to fill

Hillary Clinton’s shoes will be difficult to fillWashington, Nov. 22 : Should New York Senator Hillary Clinton accept President-elect Barack Obama''s offer to become Secretary of State, filling her shoes won''t be easy, Fox News and Politico quoted some experts, as saying.

"She''s done a very good job, especially redeveloping depressed areas" in upstate New York. New Yorkers "will have a less effective spokesperson in office," said Sharyn O''Halloran, a political science professor at Columbia University.

Clinton camp denies report of Hillary accepting Secretary of State job

Hillary Rodham ClintonNew York, Nov. 22: The flip-flop over the future plans of Hillary Rodham Clinton continues. Though there are reports that discussions are "very much on track," for her to accept the post of Secretary of State under the Obama administration, Clinton officials on Friday flatly denied that she had accepted the job offer.

The New York Post quoted an official in the Clinton camp as saying: "They''re just talking about the state of the world and what''s next."