Hillary Clinton

‘Ugly Betty’ to help Hillary Clinton repay presidential campaign debt

Hillary ClintonNew York, December 5 : ‘Ugly Betty’ star America Ferrera is helping Democrat Hillary Clinton in her efforts to dispose of millions of dollars in debt leftover from the latter’s failed White House bid.

Clinton''s finance team are said to have told their supporters through an e-mail that the actress will be hosting a "conversation" in "support of Hillary Clinton for President Debt Relief".

The show will be spiced up with the presence of Hillary’s husband, former U. S. President Bill Clinton, who will chat up with Clinton diehards at the Manhattan Center on December 15.

US Senate prepares legal remedy to clear Hillary Clinton''s nomination

Hillary ClintonWashington, Dec. 4 : The US Senate is reported to have come up with a legal remedy that will allow it to circumvent the Constitution and clear the nomination of Senator Hillary Clinton as the country''s next Secretary of State.

According to Politico, the Democrats are readying legislation that could be acted on as soon as next week to pave the way for Clinton''s confirmation in Barack Obama''s Cabinet.

The US Constitution may obstruct Hillary Clinton’s confirmation as Obama''s top diplomat

The US Constitution may obstruct Hillary Clinton’s confirmation as Obama''s top diplomatWashington, Dec. 4 : The biggest obstacle facing Hillary Clinton''s Senate confirmation as the next Secretary of State may not be husband Bill''s wheeling and dealing abroad for his foundation, but the U. S. Constitution.

According to an emolument clause in the Constitution, no lawmaker can be appointed to any civil position that was created or received a wage increase during the lawmaker''s time in office.

Syria official hails Clinton on Obama team

Syria official hails Clinton on Obama teamDAMASCUS, Syria, Dec. 3  -- U. S. President-elect Barack Obama's choice of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state should help build peace in the Middle East, an official Syrian source says.

In a report published Wednesday, the source stressed the importance of Clinton's presence to the resuscitation of the Israeli-Syrian peace talks, Ynet. news. com said.

The Syrian official also commended Clinton for her commitment to "render the U. S. a power for positive change" in the world by cooperating with the international community to solve global crises.

Bill Clinton: Hillary had tough decision on Obama offer

Bill Clinton: Hillary had tough decision on Obama offerWashington  - Senator Hillary Clinton was "shocked" by the possibility that president-elect Barack Obama would consider her for secretary of state and struggled with the decision when the offer came, her husband, former president Bill Clinton, told CNN Wednesday.

"She adored being in the Senate. I think she loved it more than any job she ever had," Clinton said in the interview.

Poll: Clinton, Palin open doors for women

WASHINGTON, Dec. 3  -- Women believe that Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin opened doors for women in public life, a Lifetime Television poll indicates.

The network's Every Woman Counts poll reported Wednesday indicated that most women think Clinton, who sought Democratic presidential nomination, and Palin, the Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential nominee, moved forward the cause of electing women to powerful positions, USA Today reported.

Eighty-six percent of women said Clinton and Palin candidacies were a step forward in electing a female president or vice president, the poll indicated. Ninety-three percent said the candidacies would either "definitely" or "probably" encourage more women to seek elected office.