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Hillary’s pals still talk of her being V-P candidate

New York, July 31 : New York Senator Hillary Clinton, who got time to speak on the second day of the Democratic convention is another big sign that proves she won’t be Barack Obama’s vice presidential candidate, yet some of her supporters argue that she should get one last look.

“Hillary Clinton would be far and away the strongest person he could pick,” said Michael Kempner, a former member of Clinton’s finance committee who is now on Obama’s money team.

“Her appeal, her experience, both in international affairs and her appeal to key demographic audiences, would be a perfect balance to the strengths Senator Obama already has with portions of the population,” Kempner said, citing women in particular.

Hillary Clinton has secret ladies-only dinner with ‘her homegirls’

New York, July 31 : New York senator Hillary Clinton has fanned speculation about a possible White House run in 2012 by attending a secret ladies-only dinner in Washington as guest of honour on Tuesday.

According to reports, the gathering was hosted by California Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Others present at the dinner included Emily''s List’s founder Ellen Malcolm, chair of the New Democrat Coalition Ellen Tauscher, and former Recording Industry Association of America CEO Hilary Rosen.

Sources have revealed that all met for dinner at Charlie Palmer Steak, a chophouse well-known for its cellar of 10,000 bottles of wine and spectacular views of the Capitol.

Clinton offers one-on-one dinner in effort to retire campaign debt

Clinton offers one-on-one dinner in effort to retire campaign debt Washington  - One-time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is offering one lucky donor a chance to dine with the former first lady herself in an effort to retire her campaign debt.

Clinton sent a mass-mailing to supporters Tuesday offering what her staff has dubbed the "retirement dinner" with a supporter that donates 5 dollars or more to help her pay back some 20 million dollars in outstanding bills.

Barack Obama unlikely to consider Hillary Clinton as running mate because of Bill

Washington, July 14 : Barack Obama unlikely to consider Hillary Clinton as running mate because of BillSources close to Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama have said that Obama may not consider Hillary Clinton as his running mate because of her husband and former U. S. President Bill Clinton.

Bill, once his wife''s greatest political asset, is now being viewed by the Obama camp as such a liability, that he (Bill Clinton) is likely to end Hillary’s chances of becoming the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, reports The Telegraph.

Obama, Clinton hold first joint appearance

Washington  - Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and former rival Hillary Clinton will hold their first post-primary rally Friday in the small town of Unity, New Hampshire.

The site, chosen for its obvious symbolism to bring the centre-left party together, will see the start of the defeated Clinton's work to help Obama for the November general election against John McCain, the presumptive nominee of the centre-right Republican Party.

Friday's rally follows their first joint appearance since the final intra-party contests more than three weeks ago. Obama and Clinton appeared together in Washington at an event with the former first lady's top campaign donors.

Hillary Clinton struggles with over 20 million dollars debt

Hillary ClintonWashington, June 20 : New York Senator Hillary Clinton will have to bear the entire 11 million dollars loan she gave her campaign because the fund-raising has dried up.

Hillary’s push to retire her debt -- more than 20 million dollars including her loan -- is going so poorly that getting help to pay it down has become a major point of negotiation with Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, who wants Hillary to help smooth things with angry Clinton die-hards, sources have said.

“I have raised nothing since the campaign ended,” The Daily News quoted a Hillary fundraiser, as saying.

Clinton set to exit White House race, endorse Obama

Clinton set to exit White House race, endorse ObamaWashington  - Hillary Clinton was set to exit the US presidential race Saturday and endorse presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama, who clinched his party's nod for the general election earlier this week.

At an event before hundreds of supporters and reporters in Washington, Clinton was expected to call for party unity after a bitter five-month battle that saw a series of state primaries held across the United States.

Obama to woo older white women to alter male image of his campaign

Barack Obama, Hillary ClintonWashington, June 7 : Democratic Party presidential nominee Barack Obama will seek to woo the older white women who voted for his rival Hillary Clinton in a bid to alter the male-dominated image of his campaign and bolster his economic message to appeal to female voters.

"You're going to see more women out front. We have a female-friendly message anyway, but there'll maybe be a bit less machismo, a subtle change in the optics," a source in the Obama camp was quoted, as saying.

Media played a hand in Hilary’s defeat to Obama: Expert

Washington, June 7 : Hillary Clinton came close in her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, but failed when Barack Obama earned the last handful of delegates necessary for a win. Now, a new research has been published which shows that the media treated the two candidates differently right from the start.

The research was carried out by Erika Falk, a communications expert at The Johns Hopkins University, after analyzing the first month of campaign coverage in the nation's top six circulating newspapers – USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Denver Post and Chicago Tribune, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

Clinton, Obama meet, discuss ways to unite Democrats

Clinton, ObamWashington, June 6 : Hillary Rodham Clinton and likely Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama met privately Thursday night to talk about uniting the Democratic Party.

"Senator Clinton and Senator Obama met tonight and had a productive discussion about the important work that needs to be done to succeed in November," the Huffington Post quoted their campaigns, as saying in a joint statement.

The statement included no details of their talks, as pressure mounted for Obama to invite Clinton to become his running mate.

Obama resists Hillary’s move to be his Vice President

London, June 6 : Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama has appeared publicly with three prominent vice-presidential contenders, resisting a defiant move by New York Senator Hillary Clinton to name her as his Vice President.

Commenting on his running mate to NBC News, Obama said: “We’re not going to be rushed into it. I don’t think Senator Clinton expects a quick decision and I don’t even know that she’s necessarily interested in it.”

Obama held events in Virginia alongside Senator Jim Webb, a Vietnam hero and former Republican, the loyal Governor Tim Kaine, one of the earliest top politicians to declare support for the Illinois senator, and Mark Warner, a former Virginia Governor with potent electoral appeal in conservative rural areas.

Obama and Clinton meeting in Washington DC

Washington  - Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama was meeting Thursday night with Senator Hillary Clinton in Wahington DC, according to CNN.

Obama was scheduled to fly home to Illinois Thursday and did not arrive for his flight out of Dulles International Airportand instead made a stop at Clinton's Washington DC home, CNN reported.

Clinton's campaign said earlier Thursday that the senator has no plans to be Barack Obama's vice president on a Democratic ticket for the White House.

Phil Singer, a Clinton spokesman, said the former first lady was "not seeking the vice presidency," in a statement carried by CNN.

Clinton not seeking vice presidency, campaign says

Clinton not seeking vice presidency, campaign saysWashington  - Hillary Clinton has no plans to be Barack Obama's vice president on a Democratic ticket for the White House, her campaign said Thursday.

Phil Singer, a Clinton spokesman, said the former first lady was "not seeking the vice presidency," in a statement carried by CNN.

Clinton had previously said she was "open" to the idea and some of her supporters have launched a concerted effort to pressure Obama into putting her on a so-called "dream ticket."

Hillary ready to play second fiddle to Obama

New York, June 5 : New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has said that she is open to the idea of being Illinois Senator and Democratic arty presidential nominee Barack Obama's running mate.

In a conference call with New York lawmakers, she is said to have expressed interest for the first time in the No. 2 spot on the Democratic ticket.

"I am open to it," Clinton said when asked whether she'd be willing to join a "dream ticket."

Clinton said she was receptive to "anything that would help Democrats win in December," according to a source.

Hillary all set to endorse Obama on Saturday

New York, June 5 : Bringing a close to her 17-month old campaign for the White House, New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is all set to endorse Senator Barak Obama as Democrat nominee for the President post, aides have said.

The New York Times quoted Hillary’s aides as saying that her decision came after Democrats urged her on Wednesday to leave the race and allow the party to coalesce around Obama.

Howard Wolfson, one of Hillary’s chief strategists, and other aides said that she would express support for Obama and party unity at an event in Washington on Saturday.

“Senator Clinton will be hosting an event in Washington, D. C., to thank her supporters and express her support for Senator Obama and party unity,” Wolfson said.

Obama takes historic Democratic nomination over Clinton

Washington  - Barack Obama declared victory in the Democratic presidential nomination after a five-month battle with Hillary Clinton, becoming the first African-American to lead a major political party into a US general election.

Wednesday saw Obama shifting toward the November general election race against presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

Both major-party candidates are already weighing their choices for running mates, and speculation was rampant that Clinton might be angling to be Obama's vice presidential nominee.

Hillary Clinton still refusing to throw in the towel

Hillary Clinton still refusing to throw in the towelNew York, June 4 : New York Senator Hillary Clinton, who sought to be the first woman President of US, refused to withdraw from the race, after Senator Barak Obama clinched the Democratic presidential nomination.

Obama’s victory will be made official with the vote of delegates at the Democratic convention in late August.

A defiant Clinton paid tribute on Tuesday night to all that Obama had accomplished, but stopped well short of acknowledging him as the Democratic Party’s nominee.

Obama declares victory, praises Clinton, takes on McCain

Washington  - Obama declares victory, praises Clinton, takes on McCainBarack Obama declared himself the Democratic Party's candidate for president after clinching the nomination Tuesday night, showering praise on his rival Hillary Clinton and setting his sights on a general election fight against Republican John McCain.

"Tonight, I can stand here and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States," Obama told a rally in St Paul, Minnesota.

Clinton congratulates Obama, but "no decisions" yet

Washington  - Clinton congratulates Obama, but "no decisions" yetHillary Clinton said she has made "no decisions" about her political future and continued to plug her own White House credentials, as rival Barack Obama clinched the Democratic Party's nomination for president on Tuesday.

The former first lady would not concede the five-month-old campaign, only "congratulating Senator Obama and his supporters on the extraordinary race that they have run."

Clinton campaign denies plans to concede

Hillary Clinton, Barack ObamaWashington - Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign on Tuesday denied a report that she plans to acknowledge that rival Barack Obama has won enough delegates to secure the Democratic nomination.

Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe told CNN the story was "100 per cent" incorrect and that the former first lady intends to fight on until someone has captured the nomination.

"That is not at all what Senator Clinton is going to talk about tonight," McAuliffe said. "No one has the number to be the nominee of the Democratic party right now."

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