Hillary Clinton now riding a wave of bipartisan support

Hillary ClintonNew York, Nov. 24 : Since her name''s been in discussion for Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has been the recipient of unprecedented support from Republicans.

The former First Lady is suddenly riding a wave of bipartisan affection.

Former Republican Secretary of State Henry Kissinger described Clinton as "a lady of great intelligence."

GOP warrior and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was quoted by the New York Daily News as saying she would be a "very formidable" choice.

"I think this could be a great move," said Republican Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"I think there is still a love-hate relationship," said Marist Institute pollster Lee Miringoff, who has spent years tracking Clinton''s ups and downs.

Some believe Republican cheerleading for Clinton is rooted more in the sense that - once she becomes an Obama appointee - Clinton will have to bury her own White House dreams, possibly forever.

"She is tough," conceded Richard Collins, a Dallas millionaire who helped to fund StopHerNow. com. "She''s also mean, vindictive and never forgets who crossed her - which is why she''d be a great secretary of state." (ANI)