Clinton camp denies report of Hillary accepting Secretary of State job

Hillary Rodham ClintonNew York, Nov. 22: The flip-flop over the future plans of Hillary Rodham Clinton continues. Though there are reports that discussions are "very much on track," for her to accept the post of Secretary of State under the Obama administration, Clinton officials on Friday flatly denied that she had accepted the job offer.

The New York Post quoted an official in the Clinton camp as saying: "They''re just talking about the state of the world and what''s next."

Fox News and the New York Times both reported today that she had decided to accept the nomination. Officials in both camps said they have every reason to believe that Obama will announce her as his choice shortly after Thanksgiving.

Obama is also set to nominate New York Fed President Tim Geithner as his Treasury Secretary. If nominated and confirmed by the Senate, Geithner, 47, would assume chief responsibility for tackling an economic slowdown and a credit crunch that threaten to create the deepest recession in more than a generation.

Officials also said New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson had emerged as a likely pick as Commerce Secretary.

It is not clear when Obama intends to make a formal announcement of any of his picks. He has largely stayed out of public view since his election on November 4, preferring to work quietly in a suite of offices in downtown Chicago. (ANI)