Health Update

Mothers’ Gestational Diabetes Predicts Childhood Obesity

Women with Gestational DiabetesA study in Diabetes Care unveiled that treating women to normalize blood sugar, who develop diabetes during pregnancy, intensely lessens the risks of their infant turning obese in puerility,

Sons of Fatty Moms have Less Fertile Sperm Cells - Study

PregnancyA recent study has revealed that sons born to fatty women can be less productive and may have poorer quality sperm cells. Obesity is believed to have an effect on a woman’s possibilities of pregnancy, and the latest study is the initial to discover a relation between overweight and the fertility of the next generation.

Wine & Beer Lessen Kidney Cancer Risks – A Swedish Study

WineDrinking wine or beer could lessen the risk of kidney cancer, says a recent Swedish study. The researchers at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute studied the relation between intake of different types of alcoholic drinks and the chance of developing kidney cancer.

Calcium Reduces Bone Loss In 50-Plus People

A report released in ‘The Lancet’ revealed that intake of calcium supplements in addition to vitamin D, radically lessens the risk of breaking a bone in people over 50.

Fortis Plans To Establish Medicity In Gurgaon

Fortis HealthcareRanbaxy promoted healthcare Company, Fortis Healthcare plans to set up a medicity in Gurgaon, and another 28 hospitals by 2010. The group will invest Rs 1,800 crore on the project.

Alzheimer’s Vaccine Proves Effective In Mice

Alzheimer's diseaseUS scientists state that a vaccine designed to fight a protein culpably involved in Alzheimer's disease has proven efficient in mice.

A team of researchers at the New York University Medical Centre noted abnormal tau protein collects into damaging dishevels in the memory centre of the brains of patients suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.