Atom-Based Mini Laptop Launched By Sony

Atom-Based Mini Laptop Launched By SonyThe readers would be very glad to know that on Tuesday, Sony Philippines launched two models of the Vaio P, of which the most attractive feature is its 8-inch ultra wide high-resolution (XGA 1600 x 768) display.

The company claims that its new mini laptops are not netbook but pocket style PCs.  

Intel’s Atom Z processor is used by the Vaio P, which has been equipped in it after making it more compact and power efficient than the previous Atom N chip.

Sony Rolls Out Vaio P Pocket Style PC In Indian Market

Sony Rolls Out Vaio P Pocket Style PC In Indian MarketSony has made announcement about the launching of its pocket styled Vaio P notebook series namely the VGN-P13G and the VGN-P15G in the Indian market.

The modish notebooks are small enough to fit users pocket or handbag.

The newly launched Vaio P series come loaded with astounding functions including an integrated Motion Eye webcam, microphone, a noise canceling headphone and an ultra-bright 20.3 cms LED backlit screen having a wide 1600 x 768 resolution.

Sony Rolls Out ‘Purse Sized’ Netbook

Sony Rolls Out ‘Purse Sized’ NetbookThe technology seems to be advancing day by day and it brings happy news for all those who are Gizmo freaks. To add more to its wardrobe, Sony, the top electronics company, recently has launched its latest ultra-portable ‘netbook’- Vaio P computer, which will easily fit in any aspiring career woman’s purse.

The Vaio P comes with most of the features found on a laptop computer. It is specifically designed for those who want to surf the Internet, edit documents and check their emails on the move.

Popular shows brought on PlayStation Network by Sony and MTV

Popular shows brought on PlayStation Network by Sony and MTV With the aim to bring to the PlayStation Network video service, MTVN’s collection of shows to the PS3 and PSP networks, SCEA and MTV Networks (MTVN) have joined hands.

It should be noted here that U. S. telecommunications regulation and policy is overseen by the FCC and regulation of telephone and cable companies; oversight of concentration of ownership of radio, television outlets, and auctioning public airwaves are all included in its reach.

Sony Vaio P Series Netbook Unwrapped

Sony Vaio P Series Netbook UnwrappedIt was reported just a few days back that a Sony Vaio laptop would soon hit the PC market. The details of the new netbook, apparently called Sony P series netbook were accidentally released by the company on its SonyStyle site, after it released the countdown page.

It has been learnt that the netbook has a meaningful name where 'P' stands for Pocket. It can be guessed from here that the netbook might fit into your pocket. It has been further leart that users would be able to avail this net book in three colors, namely crimson red, champagne gold and black silk.

Sony’s Long-Anticipated 3-D Social Network Playstation Home Launched

Sony’s Long-Anticipated 3-D Social Network Playstation Home LaunchedSony has launched its long-anticipated 3-D social network PlayStation Home; week after Horizons discussed the potential death of Second Life. Today, its digital doors will open for a public beta, which could be availed via a free software update on PlayStation 3.