Atom-Based Mini Laptop Launched By Sony

Atom-Based Mini Laptop Launched By SonyThe readers would be very glad to know that on Tuesday, Sony Philippines launched two models of the Vaio P, of which the most attractive feature is its 8-inch ultra wide high-resolution (XGA 1600 x 768) display.

The company claims that its new mini laptops are not netbook but pocket style PCs.  

Intel’s Atom Z processor is used by the Vaio P, which has been equipped in it after making it more compact and power efficient than the previous Atom N chip.

The price tag of Vaio P is at P49, 999 to P69, 000 depending on processor and storage configurations. The earlier Atom N netbooks’ price fell in the P20, 000 to P30, 000 price ranges.  

Mr. Zhorida Lipayon, Sony Philippines marketing manager said, “The Vaio P falls into a totally new category. The higher-end model also features built-in noise canceling technology by Sony.”

While referring that the Vaio P can compete with regular priced laptops, he added, “It’s a fully capable PC that’s more mobile.”

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month, the Vaio P was first unveiled by Sony.  

Via the pre-sales orders on Sony’s local website, the users can avail the product.  

Lipayon concluded, “There are limited stocks available but we are projecting enough quantity for the Vaio P to be a sustainable product.”

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