Sony Rolls Out ‘Purse Sized’ Netbook

Sony Rolls Out ‘Purse Sized’ NetbookThe technology seems to be advancing day by day and it brings happy news for all those who are Gizmo freaks. To add more to its wardrobe, Sony, the top electronics company, recently has launched its latest ultra-portable ‘netbook’- Vaio P computer, which will easily fit in any aspiring career woman’s purse.

The Vaio P comes with most of the features found on a laptop computer. It is specifically designed for those who want to surf the Internet, edit documents and check their emails on the move.

The modish netbook has a webcam, GPS, an integrated 3G modem and the users will go online by just inserting their mobile sim card.

The Sony Vaio P, which claims to be the “World’s lightest eight-inch netbook”, does everything that equivalent models of bigger sizes would do.

Moreover, the keyboard of Sony’s remarkable Vaio P netbook is easy to use.

The basic model of Vaio P is priced at 849 pounds. A faster-operating netbook together with additional memory will be available at a cost of 1,370 pounds. Now, it is let for you to choose AGENCIES

But, Joshua Topolsky from the technology website Engadget is not sure if many users will pay the said price.

“It simply costs more than other options. A cost which Sony want users to 'aspire' to pay. There are plenty of viable, less expensive options,” Joshua added.

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