Sony Rolls Back Fresh Start Program Charges

The Japanese electronics giant Sony has stepped back by dropping Sony Vaio Notebookcharges for its ‘Fresh Start’ program, and gives way to its customers.

Previously, Sony had made announcement that the buyers configure-to-order (CTO) versions of its high-end ‘Vaio TZ2000’ and ‘Vaio TZ2500’ laptops will have to pay $50 for each laptop computer delivered without bloatware. This option of the notebook without bloatware is called ‘Fresh Start.’

After receiving a big disapproval on the matter, Sony has now decided to rolls back the additional charges for bloatware free notebooks.

Best Buy Endorses Sony’s Blu-Ray Format

Chicago: The largest U.S. consumer electronics chain, Best Buy Co Inc, on Monday said that it would recommend consumers choose Sony Corp's Blu-ray high-definition video format rather than Toshiba Corp.'s HD DVD. The statement from the electronics retailer gives Sony yet another victory in its competition with Toshiba Corp's HD DVD.

Best Buy said that it would continue to carry an assortment of Toshiba Corp.'s HD DVD products for consumers who want to buy them, but it would "prominently showcase" Sony Corp.'s Blu-ray format.

Toshiba and Sony have been competing to set the standard for high-definition DVDs for several years, but now Sony appears to be winning the competition.

Sony signs pact with Amazon for DRM-free MP3 music

Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Sony BMG Music Entertainment has finally formed a deal with Amazon MP3 to sell their back catalogue free of Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Internet retailer, has announced that DRM-free MP3 music downloads from Sony BMG Music Entertainment will be available to customers on Amazon MP3, Amazon's DRM-free MP3 digital music store, where each song can be played on almost any digital music-capable device, including PCs, Macs, iPod, iPhone, Zune, Zen, RAZR and BlackBerry devices.

Sony BMG To Join Amazon Music Store!

Sony BMG has decided to sell a few of its music without digital rights management via

According to the reports, three of the four major music companies already sell tunes without DRM.

Sony will turn out to be the last of the major four labels to blow away the copyright protection on at least several of the music it sells.

The sources also reported that Sony would encourage DRM-free music during the Super Bowl by the coming month (February) and will sell it through Amazon.

However, it is not clear whether the DRM-free sales will be bounded to the promotion or limited to certain artists, or whether the DRM-free sales would finally relate to Sony BMG’s complete catalog.

Sony to quit manufacturing of loss making, rear projection TVs

SONY Rear-Projection TelevisionThe Japanese electronics giant, Sony Corp. has announced that it will stop manufacturing rear-projection televisions to focus on its flat-panel products.

Sony said that the company will focus its resources on LCD and organic light-emitting diode technology to address the strong flat- screen TV market demand.

The production of rear-projection TVs, which are currently being manufactured at factories in Japan, Malaysia and Mexico, will stop in February, 2008, the company added.

Sony Brings Out ‘VAIO LM’ Notebook Computer In Indian Market

Sony VAIO LMSony has made announcement of the launching of its latest ‘VAIO LM’ notebook computer in the Indian market.

The latest VAIO LM comes with a 19-inch screen bordered by a transparent bezel that can be easily mounted on a wall. It also consists of a wireless keyboard, mouse, and remote control.

The company said that this product is specifically designed for customers who are seeking an entertainment hub that includes TV tuner, integrated 1.3 mega pixel camera with face-tracking software, 2.1-channel speaker system and sub-woofers.

40 GB Playstation3 for Rs 24,900 launched by Sony

Sony PlayStation 3 launch in India, PSP and Spiderman Pack
40 GB Playstation3 was launched by Sony Computer Entertainment India (SCEI) this weekend at PlayStation Expo at Taj Land’s End in Mumbai.

SCE Country Manager Mr. Atindriya Bose said that gaming is finding its place as an entertainment among increasing number of Indian consumers. Sony also announced a few new games for PlayStation.

Sony All Set To Release New PS2 Edition In Japan On Nov 22

Sony's new PlayStation 2Sony is ready to launch its lighter and newly designed PlayStation 2 edition, in the Japanese market on November 22.

The company’s newly designed PlayStation 2, which comes in three variations white, black, and silver, is valued at 16,000 yen (US$145)

The company said, “While inheriting the functions of the current PlayStation 2, the internal design architecture of the new system has been completely overhauled, resulting (in a console that is) lighter in weight.”

The company did not declare plans to release the new ‘PlayStation 2’ model outside of Japan.

Sony, Microsoft In Indian Gaming Field

game_consolesThe Indian console market gets too hot with the two challengers, Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft India deciding to boost up its console-based business in the country.

Recently, both the companies have introduced fresh console products in the Indian market assuring a full new gaming outlook to the gamers.

Four years back, Sony Computer Entertainment, the company responsible for the distribution, promotion and sales of PlayStation has opened up its office in India. Now it is preparing its strategy to offer range and a healthier experience to gamers.     

Microsoft, Sony Play Games To Win India

GameMumbai: Microsoft and Sony, the two gaming giants, are now desperate to hit the unexplored Indian gaming market.

The Software giant, Microsoft declared the date for launching its Xbox Live in the Indian market, whereas Sony has brought out an Indian edition of its trendy PlayStation 2 title 'Singstar'

The companies made these declarations on the same day, which is a proof that both are on the same track of tapping Indian market.

Microsoft Xbox 360 beats Nintendo Wii and Sony with Halo 3 release

Microsoft Xbox 360With recent launch of Halo 3, Microsoft’ Xbox sales were higher than Nintendo Wii. Nintendo Wii was selling more than any other gaming console. Microsoft’s price drop for Xbox failed to impress gamers, but Halo 3 did its job and has put Microsoft Xbox on number 1 spot in gaming console sales. Market Research Company NPD Group has announced the sales numbers for the month of September and Microsoft Xbox has shown decent sales numbers.

Sony Will Slash PS3 Price In Jap Market; Will Unveil 40GB Model Shortly

Sony_PS3Beijing: Sony is all set to slash its PlayStation 3 game console price in Japanese market, and launch a new midrange model by the coming month (November).

Sony has decided to cut the suggested cost of the PS3 with a 20GB hard drive from around $425 (49,980 yen) to 385 dollars on October 17.

The company will also start selling its 60GB model for just about 470 dollars. Sony has not so far indicated a price for the 60GB model that presently sells for around $510.

The price diminutions accompany similar price cuttings by Sony’s game unit in European and other markets last week.

Sony Expects Big From Bravia LCD TVs

Sony_Bravia_LCD_televisionNew Delhi: Sony India is eyeing big for its recently introduced Bravia LCD televisions series to drive sales in the coming festive season.

The company has also decided to spend around Rs 30 crore in advertising and other promotional activities for the range.

Masaru Tamagawa, Managing Director, Sony India, said, “We are focusing a lot on LCD televisions right now, to drive our sales for the upcoming festive season. In fact, even going by the industry statistics, Plasma and colour television sales have been dipping, whereas the LCD market is soaring.”

Sony To Launch 40GB PS3 In Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Australia

Sony_ps3_NewNew York - On Friday, the maker of the world famous video game console, PlayStation, Sony announced that it will start selling a new model of its video game console, PlayStation 3, with less built-in storage capacity, priced at 399 euros (276 pounds), in Europe on October 10.

The new configuration of PlayStation 3, which will also be available in the Middle East, Africa and Australia, will come with a 40-gigabyte hard drive. It will have the ability to access the Internet wirelessly.

Sony also announced that it would slash the price of its 60-gigabyte PS3 by 100 euros to 499 euros.

Sony BMG wins second European Commission approval

Sony BMG
Japanese Electronics major Sony has won European Commission approval for its joint venture with Germany's Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG). The JV will create the second largest music company in the world. No conditions were imposed by EU’s antitrust authority on Sony BMG, the company that would place Sony and BMG in a strong position in music and records entertainment market.

This is the second approval for a Joint venture between both companies. An earlier approval was awarded in year 2004.

Sony unveils PRS-505 Digital Book Reader

Sony, Japanese technology leader has revealed the newest version of the Reader, model PRS-505. The company added that this newest device would hit United States market sometime this month at Sony Style stores and on the Sony Style Web site as well as at Borders Inc. book stores.

For just US$300, people will get a paperback book-sized Reader that can store about 160 books.

To attract people towards its new Reader, Sony is providing credit for 100 classic books, comprising the works of Shakespeare and Jane Austen, on Connect, an eBooks store set up by Sony.

Sony Sets Sales Targets of Rs 100-Cr in Kerala

Kochi: Sony IndiaSony KLV20SR3 LCD Pvt Ltd is aspiring to reach Rs 100 crore sales in Kerala in the recent fiscal (2007) by aiming a 49 per cent sales increase through product innovations and promotional schemes.

For the fiscal ended March 2007, the company registered record sales of Rs 67 crore from the region by accomplishing a 40 per cent sales development, Masaru Tamagawa, Managing Director, Sony India Pvt Ltd, said.

Sony Launches PSP Video on Demand in the UK

Sony PSPSony has launched Video-on-Demand (VOD) services for PSP in United Kingdom. PSP can offer a much better view for videos with its large screen compared to other handheld devices. The latest PSP also has Wi-Fi support and many other features. At Leipzig Games convention, Sony made an announcement of its JV with Sky Broadcasting.

However, Sony is still far from launching the service in United States. Phil Harrison of Sony Worldwide stated that PSP VOD would not be possible in the U.S. markets due to the lack of content delivered over-the-air via subscription. PSP has a user base of 2 million in the UK and Ireland.

Sony Drops PSP Prices

Sony Computer Sony Computer EntertainmentEntertainment America (SCEA) has marked the recent second anniversary of PSP by airing PSP hardware price cut. The PSP Core Pack will now be available in North America for $169.99 ($30 short of the previous price).

SCEA’s also broadcasted, the availability of Daxter and Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror at $19.99, as new additions to the "Greatest Hits" program. These new additions will enable PSP users to build up their software library with two popular titles at great value.

Sony Ericsson Launches Z750 & W580

Sony Ericsson Sony EricssonMobile Communications, known for its pioneering and feature-rich mobile phones, accessories, & PC cards, introduces two new mobile phones at the CTIA trade i.e. clamshell-style Z750 and sliding-style W580. Z750 is Sony Ericsson’s first Tri-band HSPDA and Quad-band Edge enabled phone, whereas W580 is a Walkman mobile phone. With mirror like finish, Z750 is available in pink and gray colors, and can access high-speed networks anywhere, whereas, the slider W580 comes in orange-and-white color, and supports corporate push email from MS Exchange servers.

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