BusinessWeek hints at Verizon-Apple partnership for distributing two new devices

Verizon-Apple According to BusinessWeek, the Verizon-apple partnership is in the offing; with rumors abound that Verizon Wireless is working out a deal with Apple Inc for the distribution of two new devices similar to the IPhone.

Unnamed sources say that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs has been involved in the talks with Verizon, that have been on for the past six months; and that Apple is supposedly through with the creation of the prototypes of the proposed devices.

‘Bump’ - the one-billionth iPhone app to be downloaded from App Store!

App StoreAlmost a month after its launch in the App Store, 'Bump' - the social networking application that facilitates the transfer of contact information between iPhones and iPod Touches - has become a part of iPhone's history on Thursday, by becoming the one-billionth app to be downloaded from the App Store.

Interestingly, Bump is the first App Store offering coming from Bump Technologies, a development shop of three ex-Texas Instruments employees - David Lieb, Jake Mintz, and Andy Huibers,. In order to support a social connection, the initially-free Bump app makes use of the accelerometer of the iPhone or iPod Touches, Internet connection, and location data.

iPhone website powered by more than 20,000 Apps

iPhone website powered by more than 20,000 AppsLatest confirmation which has come from one Web site's count is that now iPhone and iPod touch users, who are searching to download software from Apple's App Store now have nearly 20,000 programs to choose from.

The news has come from Apptism, an iPhone app activity aggregator, which also says that the on Tuesday, the 20,000th iPhone app was added to the store.

Adobe CEO: Company Working With Apple To Develop Flash For iPhone

Adobe CEO: Company Working With Apple To Develop Flash For iPhoneAccording to Bloomberg news service, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, had Abode CEO Shantanu Narayen talking to reporters about Abode working with Apple, for developing a Flash version to run on the iPhone. Narayen also added that it is no mean task – and, the company has been striving for months!

Narayen told Bloomberg that the project was “a hard technical challenge,” and the responsibility on Abode is “to deliver.”

iPhones turned into electronic books via Shortcovers

iPhones turned into electronic books via Shortcovers By the end of this month, Shortcovers hopes to be turning iPhones into electronic books, which would be done via the launch of a mini-application that allows the users to read books, short stories or other written works on Apple-made smart phones in a direct challenge to electronic book devices sold by Amazon and Sony.

Following when Shortcovers clears Apple's vetting process and makes it to the virtual shelves of iTunes online App Store, Shortcovers software will be available for free download.

Get ready for the most expensive phone engraved with diamonds

Get ready for the most expensive phone engraved with diamonds Those who admire beauty and style will prefer the new premium phone from Apple. Apple' new iPhone 3G 'Kings Button' would be an ideal buy as it has been designed with solid 18-carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

The unique and never seen before set which has been designed by an Australian jeweler named Peter Aloisson is engraved with beautiful diamonds and would cost the users whopping 1.8 million pounds.

The iPhone besides being an eye candy also has a very rare 6.6-carat diamond on its home button.