Adobe CEO: Company Working With Apple To Develop Flash For iPhone

Adobe CEO: Company Working With Apple To Develop Flash For iPhoneAccording to Bloomberg news service, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, had Abode CEO Shantanu Narayen talking to reporters about Abode working with Apple, for developing a Flash version to run on the iPhone. Narayen also added that it is no mean task – and, the company has been striving for months!

Narayen told Bloomberg that the project was “a hard technical challenge,” and the responsibility on Abode is “to deliver.”

In March last year, Narayen had said that the project necessitated Abode to work in close collaboration with Apple, because of the intended software’s link with Safari in addition to the iPhone SDK.

However, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has always been apprehensive about a workable Flash-iPhone coexistence. Jobs opined that while the PC version of Flash is “too slow to be useful” on the iPhone; the Flash Lite version for mobile phones “is not capable of being used with the Web.”

As a result, in November, Adobe announced a new thrust in the direction of expanding the use of Flash on mobile phones, with Kevin Lynch, Abode’s Chief Technology Officer, saying: “We are in the midst of evolving Flash Player 10 for mobile. We’re taking the full Flash Player and making that run on the higher end of the mobile market.”

Adobe continues working along the lines of the proposed development, shaping up Flash for the iPhone – till it gets the ultimate affirmation from Apple for making the technology public!

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