iPhone website powered by more than 20,000 Apps

iPhone website powered by more than 20,000 AppsLatest confirmation which has come from one Web site's count is that now iPhone and iPod touch users, who are searching to download software from Apple's App Store now have nearly 20,000 programs to choose from.

The news has come from Apptism, an iPhone app activity aggregator, which also says that the on Tuesday, the 20,000th iPhone app was added to the store.

"My site monitors the App Store hourly and constantly updates the total number of apps available," reports Rob Libbey of Apptism. If by any chance apptism's count is correct, then it indicates that 5,000 new programs have been approved for addition to the App Store in less than a month.

Back on 5th December, it was announced by Apple, that there were 10,000 apps in the store-meaning it took the company a little more than a month to add the 5,000 apps needed to reach the Apple-confirmed 15,000 mark.

The App Store has seen thriving business since it came online nearly seven months ago, no matter how many apps are in the store officially. On 11th July, 2008, the store opened its virtual doors with just 500 apps.

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