‘Bump’ - the one-billionth iPhone app to be downloaded from App Store!

App StoreAlmost a month after its launch in the App Store, 'Bump' - the social networking application that facilitates the transfer of contact information between iPhones and iPod Touches - has become a part of iPhone's history on Thursday, by becoming the one-billionth app to be downloaded from the App Store.

Interestingly, Bump is the first App Store offering coming from Bump Technologies, a development shop of three ex-Texas Instruments employees - David Lieb, Jake Mintz, and Andy Huibers,. In order to support a social connection, the initially-free Bump app makes use of the accelerometer of the iPhone or iPod Touches, Internet connection, and location data.

The key idea behind Bump is rather simple - the user launches it, 'bumps' his device together with another, and the devices offer to exchange contact information. When a user launches the Bump app, it connects to the Internet within a few seconds; thereafter the user can choose the contacts and the preferred fields to be sent, like phone, address, photo, email, or the entire contact card.

Once through with the aforesaid selection, the user needs to bump or wave the phone to detect the accelerometer, and alert the Bump Internet server. The server finds the intended match; pops a permission screen; and after an affirmative reply, upload the contacts in an encrypted format, in a jiffy!

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