FTC clears way for Google's $3.2bn Nest acquisition

FTC GoogleWashington, Feb 07  : The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has reportedly approval Google's acquisition of Nest for 3.2 billion dollars.

Nest is a connected devices company best known for making a smart home thermostat and Google expected to close its deal in the next few months after announcing the buyout earlier this year.

According to The Verge, the FTC has opted to grant Google an 'early termination' to the transaction's review, paving way for a quicker end to the acquisition process.

Twitter records slowest growth in user base

TwitterMicro blogging site, Twitter has said on Wednesday that it recorded its slowest growth in user base in years raising concerns that the company might not be able to maintain its rapid growth.

Twitter, which is based in San Francisco, said that fourth-quarter revenue rose to $243 million, which is better than analyst expectation. This is the first time that Twitter is announcing its results as a public company. Investors were concerned over slow growth in user base and a fall in timeline views.

Google launches new frames, prescription lenses for Glass

Google GlassWashington, Jan. 29  : Google has reportedly announced a collection of new frames and prescription lenses for its hi-tech wearable computing device Glass.

The search giant has unveiled the Titanium Collection for Google Glass, with four new extra-light titanium frames as well as two new styles of twist-on shades.

According to Mashable, the new frame styles are named Split, Thin, Bold and Curve and the twist on shades are available in a total of three varieties: Edge, Classic and Active.

'123456' declared worst Internet password of 2013

Worst-Passwords-2013Washington, Jan 21 : The most commonly used online password of 2013 "123456" has been declared as the worst password on the Internet for the year.

Security-focused developer SplashData declared that "123456" has beaten "password," which topped the 2012 worst passwords list, Cnet reports.

Stricture Consulting Group attempted to decrypt the leaked Adobe passwords and released an estimate that almost 2 million of the more than 130 million users affected by the breach appeared to be using "123456" as a password, the report added.

Google acquires Nest for $3.2 billion

Google acquires Nest for $3.2 billionInternet giant, Google Inc on Monday has said that it has acquired Nest Labs in a deal valued at 3.2 billion in order to expand into the market.

Nest Labs makes smart thermostats and smoke alarms and the acquisition will allow Google to expand into the market for array of devices and bringing valuable hardware design expertise in-house.  The company was established by one of the creators of Apple Inc's iconic iPod music player, Tony Fadell.

Users outside Europe worst hit in malware attack: Yahoo

malware-attackWashington, Jan 12 : Yahoo has said that users outside Europe may have been affected more in the ad-related malware attack that seems to have farther reaching effects than expected.

According to the post updated on the Yahoo Help site, more than 2 million PCs could have been affected and chances of Yahoo users' personal data being compromised are high.

There are speculations that the attack may have actually begun four days prior to the estimated day (between December 27 to January 3), Cnet reported.

Yahoo acquires 'intelligent homescreen' startup Aviate

Yahoo AviateWashington, Jan. 8  : Yahoo has acquired Aviate, a startup whose technology brings information to mobile home screens from a user's Android apps .

CEO Marissa Mayer made the announcement during her Consumer Electronics Show keynote. According to TechCrunch, Mayer suggested that Yahoo could use Aviate's technology to deliver its content in ways that are 'smarter and more personalized'.

Aviate auto-categorizes apps on Android phone and intelligently gathers them into 'spaces'.

Yahoo announces News Digest, digital magazines at CES 2014

marissa mayerWashington, Jan. 8 : Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced new services at the ongoing CES 2014 in Las Vegas, including a twice-daily news summary called Yahoo News Digest and other digital news magazines.

The company's new plans announced for this year also include a tech-news property led by former New York Times columnist David Pogue.

According to Cnet, Yahoo News Digest would provide two daily summaries, one in the morning, and one in the evening and include all the important news of the day and the app is different in delivery and presentation as it includes art, graphics, photo, details, etc.

Yahoo’s Sports app allows users to create GIFs

Yahoo-Sports-appInternet search firm Yahoo Inc on Friday updated its Sports app with a new feature called Loops, which lets users to create, customize and share their own GIFs from game highlights.

The new feature allows sports fans to easily create GIFs from footage from any of the four leading sports leagues in the United States, the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB.  After creating the GIFs, users can share them right away or later on.

A user first scrub through footage from entire football games from the above-mentioned four sports leagues, and select any point in any entire game to "loop".

YouTube to introduce high-def video streams

YouTube to introduce high-def video streamsWashington, Jan 3 : YouTube will be demonstrating high-definition video streams at the Consumer Electronics Show next week.

The new format is advantageous for YouTube and other video streaming sites because it allows them to transmit high-definition, 4K quality streams without slowing down your network.

Other effect is that users can experience a lot less buffering while watching online video.

Google celebrates New Year with dancing numbers

Google celebrates New Year with dancing numbersGoogle, the world's most popular Internet search engine, marked the last day of 2013 and the first day of 2014 with an animated doodle.

The search engine posted the doodle on its homepage on December 31, 2013. The doodle featured the numbers 2, 0, 1, 3 and 4. While the numbers 2, 0, 1, 3 were dancing above a flashing dance floor, the number 4 stood at a side waiting for its turn to replace the number 3.

At the strike of midnight ushering in the New Year, the number 4 replaced the number 3, welcoming the year 2014.

Facebook is ‘dead and buried’ as teenagers are adopting other social networks: study

Facebook is ‘dead and buried’ as teenagers are adopting other social networks: studyTeenagers are no longer interested in social networking platform Facebook and they are switching to simpler social networks like Tweeter, Snapchat and Whatsapp, according to a fresh study.

Prof. Daniel Miller of University College London said 16-18 year olds are not only switching on to rival networks but also they feel embarrassed to be associated with Facebook.

Hackers hit Washington Post for third time over past three years

Hackers hit Washington Post for third time over past three yearsThe Washington Post has confirmed that it recently suffered a hacking attack in which hackers gained access to the paper's Relevant Products/Services as well as employee user names & passwords.

The Washington Post said that it had urged all of its employees to change their user names and passwords, though the extent of the data stolen by hackers wasn't immediately clear.

The paper also revealed that Mandiant, the cyber security contractor that monitors the paper's networks, notified the company about the hack.

Google’s Great Online Shopping Festival attracts 2 million visitors

Online ShoppingThe Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF), Internet search giant Google's annual online shopping extravaganza, attracted 2 million visitors this year as Web users swarmed e-commerce sites to check out deals on consumer products.

Google said that GOSF enjoyed nearly 100 per cent increase in the number of visitors to 2 million this year, against 2012's maiden edition.

Users still facing issues with Yahoo Mail

Users still facing issues with Yahoo MailAccording to several reports, a number of users of the revived Yahoo Mail are still facing problems in sending and/or receiving mail, accessing certain folders or even the entire service and outages.

Yahoo Mail had undergone a major redesign in October in order to compete better with rival, Gmail. However, the service was disrupted with technical failure soon after the redesign. The head of Yahoo Mail, Jeff Bonforte is facing criticism from the users and others due to the continuing issues with the service.

Twitter rolls back ‘block’ function change

Twitter rolls back ‘block’ function changeResponding quickly to negative user feedback, Twitter on Thursday rolled back the controversial policy change announced Thursday that would allow users block others on the micro-blogging site.

Twitter on early Thursday had tweaked its blocking mechanism to allow unwanted Twitter followers re-tweet, like or peer at messages in public accounts of users who block them.

Microsoft tries to lure Gmail users with new import tool

Microsoft tries to lure Gmail users with new import toolRedmond-based tech giant has announced the release of a new tool that it has purposely designed to tempt Gmail users to migrate to Outlook. com.

The new tool, which had been built into Outlook. com, offers a very easy-to-use step-by-step guide on how to transfer messages and contacts from a Google Gmail account to Microsoft's Outlook. com. It will preserve the structure of Gmail users' inbox, including read/unread status of their emails.

Yahoo acquires online live concert service Evntlive

Yahoo acquires online live concert service EvntliveWashington, Dec 7 : Yahoo has reportedly acquired an online platform for live concerts, Evntlive, for an undisclosed amount.

Evntlive was founded in late 2011 and launched in beta in April 2012 after raising 2.3 million dollars in funding from notable investors including Vint Cerf.

According to Mashable, post the deal, Evntlive will be shutting down its services and join the Yahoo team for their projects.

Hackers steal nearly 2 million website login credentials

Hackers steal nearly 2 million website login credentialsUsing a botnet dubbed 'Pony,' hackers have stolen usernames and passwords for around 2 million accounts on many popular sites like Google, Facebook and Twitter, Chicago-based cybersecurity firm Trustwave revealed.

Trustwave said the hackers tempted web users to download the malicious software through a website or e-mail, which then monitored users' browsers and collected their log-in credentials. The hackers stole nearly 1.58 million website login credentials and as many as 320,000 e-mail account login credentials, among other things.

China exceeds 1.3 bn microblog accounts

Chinese-microblogBeijing, Dec 5 : The number of Chinese microblog accounts exceeded 1.3 billion in November, making this a major channel for disseminating information, according to the State Internet Information Office.

Media institutions' microblogs are developing fast and about 37,000 such accounts have been opened through popular websites including weibo. com and t. qq. com, said Liu Zhengrong, a senior official with the office.

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