BSNL users can now access Facebook on mobile without Internet

Facebook-on-mobile-without-InternetNew Delhi: State-run BSNL on Tuesday launched a service wherein its mobile customers will be able to access Facebook without any Internet or data connectivity.

BSNL users will be charged Rs 4, Rs 10 and Rs 20 for 3 days, weekly and monthly plans, respectively, the company said in a statement.

The public sector telecom firm has tied up with U2opia Mobile to provide Facebook access through USSD in East and South zones immediately and shortly the service will be launched in West and North zones.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin says mistake for him to have worked on Google+

Sergey BrinWashington, May 29 : While calling himself kind of a ' weirdo ' Google co- founder Sergey Brin has said that it was probably a mistake for him to have worked on Google plus because he is not a very social person.

Brin acknowledged that he used Google+ to post pictures of his kids to his family, but suggested that any previous professional focus on the social network has been misguided.

According to The Verge, Brin said that it was probably a mistake for him to work on anything that is tangentially related to social to begin with.

Google releases disappointing diversity record with regard to hiring women, minorities

GoogleWashington, May 29 : Tech giant Google has admitted to a disappointing diversity record which shows a mere 17 percent female employees.

According to CNET, Google on Wednesday publicly released data on the diversity of its workforce for the first time and admitted it was disappointed with its record for hiring women, African-Americans, and Hispanics.

Women comprise 30 percent of the Web giant's overall global workforce but make up only 17 percent of those employed in technology capacity, according to data published by the company Wednesday.

When it came to leadership positions, men outnumbered women by nearly 4 to 1, the report said.

eBay faces backlash on delays in handling cyber attack

EBayLondon, May 23 - Online marketplace eBay is facing backlash over its handling of a hack attack that exposed millions of passwords and other data.

The American multinational had promised a feature obliging members to reset passwords when they next logged in has not yet been made available.

According to the BBC, instead the site has added a notice to its homepage, simply recommending users to update passwords 'as a first step'.

Security experts said its reaction raised 'serious questions'.

eBay said that customers are concerned, and want them to fix the issue straight away, adding that the company was working hard to do just that.

Yahoo acquires self destructing messaging app Blink

YahooWashington, May 14 : Yahoo has reportedly acquired Blink, which is a self destructing messaging app allowing users to share 'self-destructing' messages.

Blink was founded by ex-Googler Kevin Stephens and Michelle Norgan and now all seven team members, including the founders, will be joining Yahoo.

According to TechCrunch, users are able to text and share photos, videos, voice and more, with individuals or groups and messages' visibility could be controlled with a timer, so users can set how long they could be read or viewed after tapping.

44 pc of Twitteratis have never tweeted: Report

44 pc of Twitteratis have never tweeted: ReportWashington, Apr. 13 - Twitter has a whopping 974 million registered accounts however 44 percent of these have never tweeted even once, a new survey has found.

Twitter analytics company Twopcharts found that the micro-blogging site has nearly 974 million accounts, meaning roughly 429 million accounts have never tweeted.

According to PC World, some of the account users just use them to read tweets and others may have created an account, only to forget that it exists.

Yahoo admits taking additional security measures to encrypt data

YahooWashington, Apr 03  : Yahoo has reportedly revealed that it has taken additional security measures in order to protect the data it handles and is also planning to encrypt additional services like Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo, one of the many technology companies demanding reforms on US surveillance laws, reportedly revealed that it has been encrypting traffic from its data centers since the beginning of this week.

Apple set to hike app prices in Australia & some other countries

Apple set to hike app prices in Australia & some other countriesApple Inc is all set to start charging higher prices for apps available in its iTunes Store in Australia and a number of other countries, emerging media reports suggest.

Macrumors has published an email sent by Apple to developers declaring its decision to increase the retail prices of apps in Australia, Indonesia, Turkey, India and South Africa.

Facebook to deliver internet from the sky!

Mark-ZuckerbergCalifornia, March 28 : As the popular social networking site Facebook goes on an acquisition spree, its founder Mark Zuckerberg now has plans to make it more sci-fi in the near future.

In the latest post, he has revealed that drones, satellites and lasers are being developed at Facebook's connectivity lab to deliver the internet to "the next 3 billion people" in underdeveloped countries.

Einstein’s quantum mechanics theory may make Internet ultra-secure

Einstein’s quantum mechanics theory may make Internet ultra-secureA theory in quantum mechanics given by Einstein may prove useful in making Internet ultra-secure and maintaining privacy of users, a new paper by researchers from Swinburne University of Technology and Peking University suggests.

China has 3.5 mn websites

China has 3.5 mn websitesBeijing, March 23 - The total number of websites in China reached 3.51 million by the end of last year, a huge growth since China's first website two decades ago.

The websites, with 4.61 million domain names, were owned and operated by 2.82 million founders, 70 percent of which were organisations and 30 percent individuals, Xinhua quoted a report released by Internet Society of China.

Internet won't guarantee free speech in 2025: Experts

Internet-SpeechWashington, March 15 : In 2025, the explosion of digital devices will make the internet ubiquitous, but it won't guarantee free speech, say experts.

Governments and corporations will strengthen their use of surveillance and social control, they opined in a recent survey by Pew Research Center Internet Project, Livescience reported.

"It is likely that more people will be disadvantaged (arrested, compromised, blackmailed) due to the authorised and unauthorised use of monitored activity data," Alan Clark, CEO of a software technology company, was quoted as saying.

Google boss Schmidt says Internet censorship could become impossible in coming few years

Eric SchmidtWashington, Feb 25 : Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt has reportedly said that more revolutions like the one in Ukraine would be seen when another two billion people connect to the Internet in the next five years or so.

In an interview with Scott Pelley for CBS News, Schmidt said that the Internet is a one-time power shift that allows individuals to see and hear things that they have never seen before.

China's IT giants to hedge against Windows XP shutdown

China's IT giants to hedge against Windows XP shutdownBeijing, Feb 24 - Tencent will join hands with other IT giants to "build a hedge" for Chinese users against potential internet attacks on them after Windows XP shutdown April 8.

Tencent, along with Kingsoft, Sogou and other internet service providers, will give technical assistance to Windows XP users for system upgrades and risk defence, said Ding Ke, a senior manager of Tencent.

Google working on private Wi-Fi app for Android, iOS

googleWashington, Feb. 23 - Google is reportedly said to be working on a specialty Wi-Fi authentication app for Android and iOS devices.

Sources have said that in its attempt to blanket cities and parks with free Wi-Fi, the search giant is also aiming to launch tech at how people log in to private networks at retail and business locations too.

According to The Verge, the specialty Wi-Fi authentication app for Android, iOS would automatically greenlight that device to work on the connection.

YouTube comment exchanges become comical YouTube movie

YouTubeWashington, Feb. 23 - A few jovial souls at Dead Parrot have reportedly turned comment exchanges on YouTube site into a hilarious movie.

YouTube users often post troll -type comments with the intent to insult each other and the movie shows the same.

According to Cnet, in choosing actors with expressive English voices, true gravitas is lent to what might at first seem like banal words.

One of the best videos created so far features an exchange beneath a video entitled "Soccer Player Accidentally Slaps a Referee's Boob". (ANI)

Google acquires Israeli security start-up SlickLogin

Google acquires Israeli security start-up SlickLoginJerusalem, Feb 17 - The global internet giant Google is acquiring SlickLogin, an Israeli developer of sound-based password alternative, in an "acqui-hiring deal", which means SlickLogin's staff and knowledge will be integrated into Google, SlickLogin confirmed the deal on its website Sunday.

Google Search works as timer too!

Google Search works as timer too!Washington, Feb. 16 - Not many would know that Google's search engine could also work as a timer, a feature that the company made available last year, but pulled it out before bouncing it back recently.

The feature was introduced last August, but then the feature disappeared with no explanation.

According to Cnet, users can now simply set a timer and an amount of time in the search query at Google's homepage and the search giant would start a timer for the requested time.

Soon, Internet speed 1,000 times faster than yours!

Internet-speedNew York, Feb 15 : The next dawn of Internet technology is fast coming - at a speed you can't even imagine!

Google is exploring the next big thing - 10 gigabit per second connections that are over 1,000 times faster than the average connection in the US today.

“After one gig, it would be 10 gigs so we are already working on 10 gigs,” announced Patrick Pichette, Google chief financial officer who discussed Google’s 10 gigabit experiment at a conference in San Francisco.

Google would continue to push for change in the world of commercial internet services, and the timing couldn’t be better.

New Google Glass app scans stranger's face with just a glance

Google GlassWashington, Feb 07  : A new app for Google's wearable computing device, Glass, reportedly scans and identifies strangers using facial recognition technology.

The app, dubbed NameTag, would also require individuals to opt-out of a process that culls their information from public social media accounts.

App's developer FacialNetwork said that with NameTag app running on Google Glass a user can simply glance at someone nearby and instantly see that person's name, occupation and even visit their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profiles in real-time, the Washington Times reports.

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