Google offers artificial personal assistant for users ready to give up personal info

Eric SchmidtWashington, Oct 17 : Tech giant Google has said that it can create an artificial personal assistant for users, if they agree to give up more and more of your personal information

Google's Chairman, Eric Schmidt said that technology like Google will guide people to better, smarter decisions.

He added that the evolution of Google is to go from you asking Google what to search for, to Google helping you anticipate, to make you smarter, and

Like any good personal assistant, Google needs to know everything about you. The search giant keeps track of what sites you visit, what you search, and who you email.

Samsung's new 5 times faster Wi-Fi will allow HD-movie download in 3 sec flat

samsungWashington, Oct 14 - Tech giant Samsung has created a new Wi-Fi standard that is five times faster than the current technology, and can transfer 1GB in just 3 seconds.

The currently prevailing Wi-Fi technology operates within the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, and they are capable of reaching speeds of 108 MBps. However, the Samsung's new 60 GHz WI-Fi technology can transfer data as fast as a whopping 575 MB per second.

Samsung said that it will use the new 60GHz technology in a variety of products, including audio visual and medical devices and telecommunications equipment.

The Korean giant added that the new standard will be a big part of its push into the automated smarthome market.

Mark Zuckerberg says 'clueless' on how to monetize WhatsApp

mark zuckerbergNew Delhi, Oct. 10 - Facebook Inc, which closed its acquisition of mobile messaging service WhatsApp on Monday, has no near-term plan to make money from the service, said Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg.

New system to revolutionize internet users' privacy during web surfing

New system to revolutionize internet users' privacy during web surfingWashington, Oct 6 - Researchers have developed a new system that protects Internet users' privacy whilst increasing the flexibility for web developers to build web applications that combine data from different web sites, dramatically improving the safety of surfing the web.

According to the researchers at UCL, Stanford Engineering, Google, Chalmers and Mozilla Research, the system, 'Confinement with Origin Web Labels,' or COWL, works with Mozilla's Firefox and the open-source version of Google's Chrome web browsers and prevents malicious code in a web site from leaking sensitive information to unauthorized parties.

People use social networks to manage 'negative moods'

FacebookWashington, Oct 3 - A new study has suggested that people log in to social network websites such as Facebook to manage their negative moods and look for people who are doing even worse.

The study conducted at Ohio State University gave more context to recent studies that found people who spend a lot of time on Facebook tend to be more frustrated, angry and lonely.

Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick, co-author of the study and professor of communication at The Ohio State University, said that people in a negative mood, start showing more interest in the less attractive, less successful people on their social media sites.

Many firms rejecting job applicants due to social media posts: Survey

Rejecting Job ApplicantsNew Delhi - Social media has emerged as a major background-check tool for employers and nearly 68 percent of them decide against hiring a person after finding negative details about the candidates, a survey has found.

According to a survey by job site CareerBuilder India, as many as 59 percent employers are currently using social media to research on job candidates, while another 33 percent are planning to access the platform soon.

Interestingly, the survey said that 68 percent employers who research job candidates on social media have found 'content' that caused them not to hire the individual.

Microsoft to close MSN service in China by October 31

Microsoft to close MSN service in China by October 31Beijing: Microsoft plans to close its Windows Live Messenger (MSN) service in Chinese mainland by October 31, amid a crackdown by authorities against the world's largest software firm over anti-monopoly violations.

China launched the anti-monopoly probe against Microsoft alleging that the company may have broken laws regarding compatibility and documentation authentication for its Windows OS and MS Office.

XRay: New tool to track use of personal data online

personal-data-onlineWashington, Aug 25 : Researchers have recently developed a new tool called 'XRay', which will help web users to keep a track of the use of their personal data online.

It reveals which data in a web account, such as emails, searches, or viewed products, are being used to target which outputs, such as ads, recommended products, or prices and would help make the online use of personal data more transparent.

Researchers successfully hack Gmail app 9 out of 10 times: Report

Researchers successfully hack Gmail app 9 out of 10 times: ReportWashington, Aug 22 - A team of researchers have identified a flaw in Android, Windows and iOS mobile operating systems which allowed them to hack several apps including Gmail with a success rate of 82 to 92 percent.

Gmail was hacked with success rate of 92 percent, WebMD (85 percent), CHASE Bank (83) and H and R Block with 92 percent, were found 'easy to be hacked'.

However, Amazon, with a 48 percent success rate, was the only app they tested that was difficult to penetrate.

Analysts warn draining World Wide Web space could lead to meltdown of Websites

World-Wide-WebLondon, Aug 16 : Analysts say that the World Wide Web is running out of space and Online giants now face the risk of going into meltdown in the future as a result.

According to Daily Star, the concerns came after eBay went down earlier this week with buyers and sellers unable to log on.

Analysts are blaming outdated technology for the meltdown threat, saying that it can no longer handle increased traffic from users of smartphones.

Shopclues expects Rs 1,500 crore merchandise volume in FY15

Sanjay SethiNew Delhi: Buoyed by the robust growth in e-commerce market in India, online marketplace Shopclues expects its gross merchandise value (GMV) to hit Rs 1,500 crore for the current fiscal ending March 2015.

The homegrown e-commerce firm is also aiming to expand its sellers base to a lakh by December this year to reach out to a larger number of online shoppers.

"Ours is a Indian bazaar model, which caters to the daily needs of shoppers at convenient rates and it is witnessing a good traction. We expect our GMV to touch Rs 1,500 crore this fiscal from Rs 350 crore in 2013-14," Shopclues co-founder and CEO Sanjay Sethi said.

Google 'polluted Internet' with classified material: Rao

Google 'polluted Internet' with classified material: RaoNew Delhi : After registering a Preliminary Enquiry against Google for alleged mapping of classified areas, CBI has sought help of Survey of India which has alleged that the Internet giant continued to "pollute" the web with classified material despite being warned against it.

As the probe continues, Surveyor General of India Swarna Subba Rao alleged that the Internet giant did not refrain from mentioning classified site even after having been asked not to do so.

9 out of 10 websites found vulnerable to hackers

9 out of 10 websites found vulnerable to hackersWashington, Aug 8 - A new research shows that more than 90 percent of the websites are vulnerable to hackers, including some of the biggest brands.

Another report from Cisco Systems reveals that media and publishing sites are at the biggest risk of spreading malware and viruses through infected advertising networks.

The report said that merely 8.3 percent websites are protected from hackers, and the remaining websites failed to match up to the security standards.

LinkedIn to pay $6 mn in unpaid wages, damages

LinkedIn to pay $6 mn in unpaid wages, damagesNew York - The Labor Department says the professional networking service LinkedIn has agreed to pay nearly USD 6 million in unpaid wages and damages to 359 current and former employees.

The US Department of Labor said on Monday that an investigation found LinkedIn in violation of overtime and record-keeping rules that are part of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. It said the violations occurred at company branches in California, Illinois, Nebraska and New York. A representative for Mountain View, California-based LinkedIn could not immediately be reached for comment.

Vint Cerf informs about internet problems through video

Vint-CerfWashington, July 25 : In a video recently posted by Google, a Vint Cerf cartoon explains the Internet address system and some hassles it faces.

It is a two and a half minute animated video that is an Internet Address system explainer, reports the Mashable.

Vint Cerf is an American Internet pioneer known as the father of Internet.

The video explains how U. S. is going to give up its address naming system oversight.

The international community is urging U. S. to surrender its remaining control on the Internet's naming system even after the role of the U. S. has been decreased.

Internet mobile users in China surpass computer ones

Internet mobile users in China surpass computer onesBeijing, July 22 : The number of people who use mobile to surf internet in China has surpassed the number of people using computers to go on web, says an industry report by the China Internet Network Information Center .

The report also suggests that the number increased by 14.42 million. Now, 83.4 percent of internet users go online via mobile devices.

According to China Daily, it was the first time that the number of internet mobile users had surpassed the ones using computers.

Google Plus to no longer ask for 'real' names following privacy concerns

Google Plus to no longer ask for 'real' names following privacy concernsWashington, July 16 : Google Plus has reportedly stopped asking people for their 'real names' after receiving complaints that the policies put users at risk.

The real-name policy, which was introduced with the launch of Google Plus, was designed to create a network that looked like Facebook.

Journalists and privacy advocates criticized the policy for exposing people who had valid reasons for wanting to use pseudonyms.

Restricting web searches curtails freedom of expression, says Google's top lawyer

David-DrummondWashington, July 12 : Google's chief legal officer, David Drummond has explained the shortcomings of the ruling handed down by the European Union in May this year, which said that people have the right to be forgotten.

Drummond has said that the verdict given by the European Union Court of Justice contradicts the information on freedom of expression as laid down by the U. N.'s Universal Declaration on Human Rights. He also stated that the language used by the court in its verdict suggests that the removal of results has come after vague tests to ascertain whether the information is of public interest, The Verge reported.

BSNL launches unlimited data plans for post-paid users

BSNL launches unlimited data plans for post-paid usersNew Delhi: State-run BSNL today launched two unlimited data plans for its post-paid users of North zone, targeted towards the youth and students.

The unlimited plans will be offered across the country subsequently, the company said in a statement.

Currently the packs will be available in Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), UP(East), Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and J&K GSM mobile post-paid customers.

"The new add-on data packs 240 and 340, allow unlimited data usage at monthly charges of Rs 240 and Rs 340 respectively," BSNL said.

Google Chrome topples IE to become most popular web interface in the US

Google-ChromeGoogle's internet browser Chrome has become the most popular Web interface in the US, leaving Microsoft's Internet Explorer behind.

According to CBS News, a study by software maker Adobe Systems shows Chrome with 31.8 percent of the browser market, against 30.9 percent for IE and 25 percent for Apple's Safari.

Google has gained significant amount of share in PC market, and with their large mobile presence they are strong in race to capture the mobile market too.

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