BlackBerry Messenger app delayed for iOS and Android

BlackBerry Messenger app delayed for iOS and AndroidThere are indications that the launch of BlackBerry Messenger app for both Android and iOS is likely to be delayed.

The app allows users to send and receive text messages to other BlackBerry Messenger users without paying text-messaging fees. BlackBerry Messenger has remained a popular platform for BlackBerry users ever since it was launched by the company on its devices. Even as BlackBerry devices are facing a decline, the BlackBerry Messenger has remained a popular choice of users around the world.

Argentina police arrest teen hacker who minted $50,000/month

Argentina police arrest teen hacker who minted $50,000/monthArgentina police have taken a teenager into arrest for leading a gang of hackers that targeted money transfers & gambling websites.

The 19-year-old ringleader, dubbed "the superhacker", was minting nearly $50,000 (£31,500) per month, working from his house in Buenos Aires, where he lived with his computer-expert father.

An investigator said, the young hacker set up the lucrative hacking business in partnership with his brother.

Google Street View car hits 3 vehicles in Indonesia

Google Street View car hits 3 vehicles in IndonesiaGoogle takes any mistakes/accidents by its Street View cars very seriously, a senior executive of the Internet search giant said.

In the most-recent case, a Google Street View car hit three vehicles - two public transport buses and a truck - in Bogor, Indonesia.

As per a statement released by the police, the drive of the Google Street View car first hit a public transport bus, and made an attempt to drive off but then the car ran into a second public transport bus and then against into a truck.

China's Alibaba sells aircraft online

China's Alibaba sells aircraft onlineBeijing, Sep 14 - China's largest e-commerce group Alibaba has started selling aircraft on its consumer-to-consumer online auction site Taobao, Xinhua reported Friday.

The bidding for six planes that opened Thursday will close at 10 a. m. Sep 16.

The bid for cheapest plane on offer, the training aircraft Jabiru J160C, started at one yuan. It received 25 bids till 5 p. m. Friday, the highest being 1.05 million yuan. One yuan equals to 0.16 US dollar.

Groupon India selling onions for just Rs 9/kg

Groupon India selling onions for just Rs 9/kgAt a time when onion prices have shot up to Rs 80 per kg, daily deals site Groupon India is offering onions at a single digit price of Rs 9 per kg.

Groupon India, the online shopping service, teamed up with a Delhi-based wholesaler to sell onions at the single digit price in a total of 78 cities across the country.

People can place orders online, and the ordered onions will be home delivered to buyers within 10 days.

Internet giant Google turns 15

GoogleNew Delhi, Sep 4 : Internet search giant Google, which initially set shop in a garage but now has more than 70 offices in more than 40 global locations, including India, turned 15 Wednesday.

Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who had met at university in 1995, incorporated the firm Sep 4, 1998.

Originally called BackRub, it was eventually named Google.

Since then, it has become synonymous with internet searching.

And one can use Gmail in more than 50 languages.

GoDaddy considers India as growth engine for its global operations

GoDaddy considers India as growth engine for its global operationsGoDaddy is considering India as a growth engine for its global operations as the U. S.-based domain name & web hosting giant's customer base in the Asian country grew by an impressive 86 per cent since last summer.

James Caroll, senior vice president (International) at GoDaddy, said termed small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in India as a wonderful opportunity.

Hackers breach Melbourne IT to take down

Hackers breach Melbourne IT to take down nytimes.comA group of cybercriminals, who were able to access a reseller account on Melbourne IT's network, managed to take down the official website of the New York Times on Tuesday.

Melbourne IT spokesman Tony Smith said that the company is working to ensure that it has improved security on the systems. He said that the company offers features on some accounts that restrict additional changes without extra authorization. Thus some of the accounts that were hacked had the lock feature activated and were not affected in the breach.

Zenga TV to stream US Open on mobiles

Zenga-TVNew Delhi, Aug 27 : Mobile TV channel Zenga TV Tuesday bagged the exclusive rights for the final tennis major of the year, US Open, which is currently being played in New York.

The event is being licensed by Zenga Media Pvt. Ltd. from Seven3Sports, who has licensed it from Ten Sports. With this initiative, Zenga TV users can watch live tennis action on their mobile device and listen to live commentary as well. This service will be completely free of charge except for the data consumption charges.

For watching the matches, new users have to download Zenga application or simply visit

Yahoo launches Watchlist to distribute recycled usernames

Yahoo launches Watchlist to distribute recycled usernamesInternet search giant Yahoo on Monday announced the launch of Watchlist, which will enable users to know when a username of their choice is available to grab.

Users of Watchlist will be able to add up to 5 usernames they want to the list that will be active for up to three years. The company will inform users whenever a username of their choice become available. However the new service is not free. It will cost $1.99 for three years.

Facebook, Google cannot flout Indian law, says court

Facebook-GoogleNew Delhi, Aug 23 : The Delhi High Court Friday said that social networking site Facebook Inc and search engine Google Inc are bound by the rules of this country and cannot flout the law just because they are foreign companies.

A division bench of Acting Chief Justice B. D. Ahmed and Justice Vibhu Bakhru also directed the two companies to display on their websites the name and contact details of their grievance officers.

India against accessing internet communication content: Sibal

Kapil-SibalNew Delhi, Aug 23 : The Indian government was opposed to anyone accessing content of internet communications emanating from the country, Communications and Information Technology Minister Kapil Sibal told parliament Friday.

He also assured members that steps had been taken to protect communications sent by missions abroad.

Responding to concern of Rajya Sabha members over reports of access by US agencies to internet communications emanating from India, Sibal said the issue had been "very seriously" raised by the government.

Facebook now offering embedded posts to all users

Facebook now offering embedded posts to all usersSocial networking giant, Facebook has announced that the new embedded posts feature, which was available to a few publishers, will now be available to all the users of the site.

The company has updated a new post detailing how to use the new feature and how to embed. The users who were earlier using WordPress will have to upgrade their Facebook plug-ins for accessing the feature. The users of the largest social networking giant will now be embed their status updates, current photos and video, or just popular updates and promotions.

Microsoft to offer ad-free Bing at schools

Microsoft to offer ad-free Bing at schoolsSoftware giant, Microsoft has announced the launch of its new Bing for Schools services allowing add-free access to the search engine for school children.

The company has said that the initiative is "designed to improve digital literacy for students by putting technology in classrooms, helping students learn how to use the power of search, and making sure they can do it in a safer, ad-free environment".

NSA collected thousands of Americans' emails

NSA collected thousands of Americans' emailsWashington, Aug 22 : The US National Security Agency (NSA) had improperly collected thousands of e-mails from Americans with no links to terrorism over three years before a special court ruled it unconstitutional.

The release of three secret US court opinions Wednesday came amid escalating public debates over NSA's surveillance programmes, which were first revealed by former defence contractor Edward Snowden in June, Xinhua reported.

Shashi Tharoor launches

Shashi Tharoor launches Flatparty.comNew Delhi, Aug 20 : Minister of State for Human Resource Development Shashi Tharoor Tuesday launched a new social networking site - Flatparty. com - which can be used to send bulk as well as private messages.

The messages can be sent in the form of posts on the websites, via e-mails and SMS to the registered users on the website.

Comcast revenues rise 7% to $16.2 billion

Comcast revenues rise 7% to $16.2 billionComcast has said that it has recorded a growth of 7 per cent in its revenues to $16.2 billion during the second quarter of the year.

The company said that it benefitted from strong performance of NBCUniversal and an increase of its customers on the internet during the second quarter. The company's earnings increased 30 percent, to 65 cents a share during the quarter from April to June, 2013. The company's cable division recorded an increase 6 per cent in revenues to $10.5 billion during the second quarter compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

Huawei controls UK's pornography filtering system

Huawei controls UK's pornography filtering systemIt is known that the Chinese company Huawei controls a pornography filtering system for the internet, which was recently raised by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Internet usage in S. Africa hits 14mn-mark

Internet-UsingJohannesburg, July 25 : The internet usage has significantly grown in South Africa this year, already involving 14 million people, said a latest survey.

"The number of people with access to the web is higher than thought," said the Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA) and Echo Consultancy Wednesday in its latest survey report, Xinhua reported.

The internet users were approximately 6.8 million in South Africa in 2010, jumping to 8.5 million in 2011, said the report. The users include 39 percent of adults and the rest are mainly teenagers.

Google reaches agreement with FTC over Motorola deal

Google reaches agreement with FTC over Motorola dealInternet giant, Google has reached an agreement with the U. S. Federal Trade Commission over standard-essential patents obtained by Google from Motorola under the FRAND terms.

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